Best Kids Toy Storage Ideas To Keep Organized

Need to rein in the toy situation a bit? Try our top 10 kids toy storage ideas that will take your house from chaos to chic in a snap! 

The Problem with Kids Toys: Sprawl 

Oeuf Mini library

Evidence that you're in need of an awesome kids toy storage idea: Ever step on a Lego that's meandered into your kitchen? Come home to find your sofa stacked with puzzles and games? Do you have a houseful of toys with nowhere to go?

Answer yes to any of those? We get it. As New York parents ourselves, we know how toys multiply (especially after a birthday or holiday) and that space comes at a premium. (Resist the impulse to calculate the price per square foot for that giant stuffed unicorn in the corner).

This is to say that we have to be selective with our solutions to fight the toy sprawl that comes with the territory of toddlers. Our experts at Babesta have been searching the market for the best kids toy storage solutions that will help our families who don't have out-of-sight out-of-mind basement space like our friends in the suburbs. For most of us here, everything's everpresent, like it or not.

Whether it's for your room or playroom, what we've found is that great toy storage is not a one-size-fits-all, and a combination of solutions are in order so that you can balance all things aesthetic and practical. But with the right mix of smart shelves,  deep drawers, woven baskets and colorful bins you will be able to tame even the most active toddler's toys. Just watch! 

In This Article:

Quick Toy Storage Tips For Great Organization

Oeuf Vertical Library

Before we get to our picks, let's quickly review some tried and true tips for approaching the whole toy storage space:

  1.  First gather and sort the toys. You must know thy enemy.
  2. Then, pull a Kondo. That's right. Put the joy sparking toys together on a bed as "keepers," and the toys they've grown out of in a "give" pile. Broken or missing parts? Put them straight in the bin.
  3. See what you have left. Divide by category, as it's easy to design a good solution once you know the types of things (sizes, amounts) that you seek to store. 
  4. Think through your options: shelves, drawers, bins or baskets? Not everything has to be put away. Some of the toys are cool enough to get top shelf billing when they're not being played with. 
  5. Make sure the toys are in reach. They are toys, remember. The kids gotta play.
  6. Strapped for space? Think vertically. Just be sure to anchor furniture to the wall for safety.
  7. Don't forget your sneaky spots: Under the bed or in the closet are good in a pinch.

Ready? OK, read on for some of our favorite solutions to all of your kids toy storage woes!

Our 10 Kids Toy Storage Picks

Mini Library by Oeuf

1. Oeuf Mini Library, $780. The key to this kids toy storage solution is the combination of closed and open storage. The Oeuf Mini Library is perfect for books and favorite toys that come on and off the shelves at will. Anything less aesthetic, tuck behind the doors. Make sure that nothing on the shelves is breakable, as it's all at the perfect height for little hands. Add baskets on the shelves if you'd like to store puzzles, Legos or other multi-piece toys

Oeuf Toy Store

2. Oeuf Toy Store$575. This is the perfect kids storage solution for multi-piece toys. Think Playmobil and Legos, blocks, figurines and other building toys. Each little slot can be designated to a new toy so there's always somewhere to put things back (and it's easy for the child to pitch in!) 


Lorena Canals storage house

3. Lorena Canals Pink House Basket, $69. You have to love a storage basket with some flair! This basket provides a home for all of the figurines that  your child uses for pretend play, or building blocks when they fancy themselves an architect. 

We always love room accessories to jazz up a space. Lorena Canals has an amazing collection of baskets to store anything in style


Lorena Canals Storage trucks

4. Lorena Canals Twin Truck Storage Bins,  $59. We couldn't think of a speedier way to do clean up. These two trucks provide endless fun and a good amount of space for building blocks or figurines that need a home base.


Oeuf doublewide dresser

5. Oeuf Doublewide Dresser: $1695.The extra wide dresser by Oeuf provides ample storage space for clothing, bedding, toys and other necessities. The simple European styling makes it easy to work in any room. This model can come with various leg and knob combinations in case you are matching a crib or other furniture. 


Lorena Canals Storage Mushrooms

6. Lorena Canals Mushroom Storage Basket$55. A lidded storage basket is smart; but a lidded storage basket shaped like a mushroom is positively irresistible. If it were me (back in the day), I'd stash Brainy, Handy, Sleepy, Smurfette and the rest of the gang in there! 


Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase

7. Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase$1250. We are certain that Mother Nature is (green) thumbs up on this one. The Tree Bookcase by Nurseryworks is a stylish and unexpected addition to a modern nursery. Books and stuffies are right at home in the lacquer branches. 


Amsterdam Cabinets by This is Dutch

8. Amsterdam Cabinet, $1650. The Amsterdam Cabinet has been a kid fave in the collection for years. Made in the Netherlands, these can be custom colored so that it can perfectly match your interior. On the inside of the cabinet you get both shelves and a clothes hanger so you can decide what's the best use for the whimsical shelving


Duc Duc Studio Knox Bookcase

9. Studio Duc Duc Knox Bookcase, $495. We love the simplicity of this open shelf storage, where books, bins and toys could comingle in the cutest way. Everything is reachable and easy for toddlers and it can grow with them housing bigger kid toys (and eventually coffee table books and the like) as its design is sophisticated enough for a grown-up room


Duc Duc Studio Knox Stackable Toy Storage

10. Studio Duc Duc Knox Stackable Toy Storage, $450 per level. Remember what we said about open and closed shelving? This solution for kids toy storage is a dream for the open/closed cabinet design. Pictured is 3 units, as the exciting part of this is that it's stackable. As your needs grow, so can the Knox! 


Making the Purchase With The Right Retail Partner

Babesta Tribeca

Where is the best place to check out these storage heroes? Well that's easy, Babesta of course! Babesta has been a staple of NYC children's clothing and design for 18 years and counting, with hand chosen fashion, toys, furniture, bedding, strollers, gear and more.


What's the Babesta difference? 

1. Curation. We study the children's market every day and look for the highest quality, good value, safe materials, sustainable and ethical practices and authenticity. The values of the companies we work with matter to us and we know they matter to you.  

2. Services. If you haven't taken advantage of our premium services (free, mind you!) we will hold anything until you need it --as we said, we know that space is a premium.  If you need a little more TLC we offer white glove for a fee where we will deliver and put the furniture together for you. We offer registries, free in-store stroller assembly and training, custom gift baskets and more. 


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Babesta is a family owned business in Tribeca, NYC, so there's always someone to take your call, you'll never talk to a bot, and we'll do all we can to answer your questions, fix your problems and support you throughout your parenting journey.