How To Choose The Best High Chair For Your Apartment

Bugaboo Giraffe high chair

City families are often constrained by space, so finding a high chair that fits your apartment is key. That means style and function! We’ve created this easy guide to help you figure out what you should be looking for when shopping for the best high chair for your little babesta

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Considerations When Choosing A High Chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair

You've figured out your nursery, chosen the right primary stroller, and even picked out a travel-ready lightweight stroller! We know that choosing a high chair isn't the first thing to do when you have a baby on the way, but you'll be surprised how quickly they grow and are ready to get their seat at the table!


So what should you be considering when you dive into the world of high chairs? Read on!



Baby isn’t going to use a high chair until they can sit up. They get the head and neck strength generally by 6 months. Some families want to get the decision making on all the gear done when they make their registry and buy their high chair ahead. 

Others put off the decision until a bit later, until the baby is 3 or 4 months, and the question of feeding is on the horizon. Who needs another box in the house if you can’t use it? 

Although buying it ahead seems like just adding clutter before you need to, there are certain styles that have newborn attachments so that they can be used before the baby sits up. We’ll get into those in a bit!


Before making your choice as to what high chair you want, you’ll have to think about where you’re going to put it. Where do you eat? Up at a breakfast bar? Or around a table? What sort of space do you have? 

When you think about where you want to feed baby, decide whether you see them sitting right at the table, or whether they sit as a “satellite” being fed on a tray integrated into the chair. Some chairs offer the flexibility to do both.


Fast Table Chair by Ingelsina


As high chairs take up a decent amount of floor space, as they need a wide base for stability, you want to take a good look at your space and see what sort of high chair base might fit best in your home. 


Of course for city folk, generally anyone who walks into your apartment is going to get a gander at your dining situation. It’s nice if your high chair fits in seamlessly in your apartment, matching the style that you’ve chosen to decorate in. 


Best High Chair Features To Look For

As with everything, there is a trade off sometimes with high chairs. We’ll list some features that might be interesting to consider, and that make some models unique, so that you have all you need to choose the best high chair for you. 


Bloom Fresco High Chair

Newborn Accessories

We said before that some high chairs offer accessories that allow you to use them before the baby has developed head and neck control. But why would you want this? We think it’s a nice thing to consider if you have pets or other small children in the household.

You’re probably thinking of getting a lounger anyway. There’s always the need for multiple safe spots in your home where you can put baby down and be hands free for a spell. Loungers are so close to the ground, they make for easy access to your tiny baby. 

Baby probably won’t be too thrilled to have small hands, dog’s tongues or cat’s tails all up in their grill, right? With a pet-friendly high chair with an elevated lounger capability, you solve both problems!

Easy To Clean

This is a biggie. Baby will eat many times a day, and babies are notoriously messy. It’s why they invented “Splat Mats.” Although you’ll be tempted to bring out your phone and capture the adorableness that is your baby with food all over their mouth, tray, and onesie, you’ll quickly snap out of it when you realize you’ll have to clean it all up. 

You don’t want a chair with a lot of nooks and crannies where food can get trapped. Rather, a chair that can wipe down easily, with a tray that can go into the dishwasher and straps that can be laundered is key to your own sanity.

 Girl sitting on Bugaboo Giraffe

Extended Use

Another feature that we think is great is the option of extended use. Many high chairs today are not only to be used when the child is a baby, but could find a second life in another place in the house. 

Many are even constructed to hold an adult, so once you take off the baby set, they can be used by anyone in the house. This makes the chair’s style even more important. Would you really keep it? If yes, this might be a good thing to keep in mind when shopping for a high chair.


One last thing to think of when shopping for the best high chair is your space and lifestyle. If you are so short on space that you can’t fit a full size high chair, or if your lifestyle is so on-the-go it makes more sense to have one you can come with you, you might consider a travel high chair.

These clip on the table, and put baby right up with you at mealtime. Even if this isn’t your full time solution, it’s good to know about as it might be perfect for traveling or the grandparents’ house. 

One feature that we used to like but we’ve decided it is rarely practical is a foldable high chair. The truth is that baby eats a lot and it’s not practical to bring a full sized high chair in and out all day long. 

Our 5 Best High Chair Picks

Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair

Bugaboo Giraffe

The newest animal in Bugaboo’s menagerie is the Giraffe. This high chair is a stunner. The sleek design with a combination of wood and "bio-based" plastic-like material all sustainably sourced. Not only is it strong and stable but it’s lightweight and easy to move around the house as needed. 

Adjusting the Giraffe up and down requires no tools and is a snap, and the supportive back and adjustable footrest height means it’s comfy. There’s even a newborn accessory for the first months. 

  • Easy To Wipe
  • Tray Is Dishwasher safe
  • High Design
  • Lightweight Yet Stable
  • 100% Sustainably Sourced Materials
  • Colors: Grey/Walnut; White/Birch; All Blue; All White; All Black
  • Suitable for babies 6-36 months (33lbs)
  • Other accessories sold separately: Newborn set; Giraffe Rocker frame; Giraffe baby pillow set; Giraffe junior pillow
  • 6M+ Chair from $359 

Cybex Lemo

Cybex Lemo

The Cybex Lemo is another beautiful looking high chair that’s easy to clean and flexible, allowing for newborn use as well as extended use for bigger kids and even adults. You can order it as a 4-in-1 chair with the newborn set (making a lofted lounger), as well as the high chair, and then a regular (big kid/adult) chair. They dub it “The Forever Chair.”

The Lemo is super easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap.

  • With the bouncer nest: Birth to 6 months
  • With the baby set: 6 months to 3 years / 33 lbs
  • Stand alone chair: 3 years to 99 years
  • No-tool adjustment
  • Easy Clean
  • Accessories sold separately: Lemo Bouncer Stand and Lemo Comfort Inlay
  • 4-in-1 (newborn to 99 years) $449.95
    • Suede Grey, Stunning Black, Sand/White
  • 3-in-1 Lemo High Chair (6 months to 99 years) $349.95  
    • Stone Blue, Pearl Pink, Suede Grey, Stunning Black, Sand/White

Tripp Trapp High Chair By Stokke

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Launched in 1972, the Tripp Trapp by Stokke is a classic chair that’s sold over 10 million units to date and even has been displayed in the Museum of Modern Art. The iconic design by Peter Opsvik allows parents to bring their child to the table. The classic design set the standard for today’s high chair, having long been appropriate for newborn to adult. 

These wooden chairs (primarily European beech and oak woods)  are available in a huge array of colors, allowing families to bring a fun pop in the dining room, or keep it in line with the muted hues of the room. 

  • Tripp Trapp Chair and Baby Set With Harness Bundle for 6 months +
  • Newborn accessory sold separately
  • Cushions sold separately
  • Adjustable seat and footplate
  • See Babesta for latest colors
  • From $299 for 6 months+

Bloom Fresco high chair

Bloom Fresco

Bloom’s Fresco high chair is another head turner, with its space age egg-shaped design. This is a statement chair, especially in the titanium or rose gold. You have a lot of choice of color combos which is fun.

It definitely has a mid century modern vibe! This is easy to wipe down as well for cleaning. To move it, you can tilt and roll, though we would advise to be mindful of your floors and make sure you have it at the right angle to avoid any scratching.

The Fresco can also be adjusted up and down, so can be appropriate at a breakfast bar as well as a dinner table. The chair can tip back into a lounger (no additional accessory needed) for newborns and then easily adjust upright for when they’re ready to sit up.

  • Grows with your child from newborn to 8 years
  • 3 recline positions
  • Pneumatic up/down height adjustment for breakfast bar or dining table
  • Customizable - choose a base and a seat pad
  • $599+

Ingelesina Fast Table Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

The Fast Table Chair by Inglesina is our go-to for on-the-go. It’s also a great choice for those with limited space as it takes up nearly none. It was inspired by the Montessori principles of sharing and authority. This chair allows you to bring baby right up to the table and you can get an additional dining tray as an optional accessory (or they eat straight on the table!) Although there is no extended use with this one, it’s compact and easy and will definitely get the job done!

  • Portable and Collapsible Design
  • Fits most table types from .8” to 3.5” thick, scratch free
  • Black, blue, Mineral Grey, Cream, and a selection of brights
  • Appropriate for 6-36 months; up to 37 lbs
  • $79

High Chairs at Babesta

Feeding Fun With Babesta

With a bunch of great chairs to choose from, we trust you won’t go wrong! Now all you’ve got to decide what’s for dinner.

A quick note about purchasing your chair. In case you want to get it off your list early, don’t forget we “hold it til you need it” and can deliver it when you’re ready. If you’re looking at one that has newborn capabilities, you can also put it on your Babesta registry (or Babylist registry, using the convenient Add to Babylist button on our site). Then you’ll have it for day 1 when baby arrives home from the hospital. 

All of these chairs are available to see and try at Babesta’s shop in downtown Manhattan. We’re happy to let your little one try one out on the floor and see if it’s the best high chair for them! Bon Appetit!