The Best Lightweight Strollers of 2024

Minu V2 by Uppababy

There’s nothing better than re-experiencing the world with your little one! Everything is fresh and exciting when you see it all with new eyes. Finding the best lightweight stroller to help you navigate your adventures is key to the fun.

We’ve brought together our favorites that are not only light and compact but also have all the bells and whistles you’re going to want.

(updated March 2024)

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Bugaboo Butterfly stroller


Best Lightweight Strollers 2024: Key Features 

We’ve wheeled, folded, and carried our share of lightweight strollers, and we know the tradeoffs in this category well. Lightweight strollers tend to be either very light but with less features, less comfort, and smaller wheels, or they are a bit heavier, but have more features, and a smoother ride.

So, the real winners in this category will find their sweet spot smack in the middle: light enough, but with ample features for your needs. Anyone with an older child may opt to trade off cushiness for lighter weight. With a younger child, you might want to load up on the features without worrying about an extra pound or two.

cybex libelle lifestyle photo

To find the right stroller for you, you want to consider the age of your child and how much you’re going to use it. You also want to think about its fold and what sort of travel you’re going to be doing. For instance, if you jet set par avion, you’ll want something that is small enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane—trust us, this is an absolute gamechanger when traveling with kids.

When deciding on what we think are the best lightweight strollers in 2023, the key features that we’re looking at are:

  • Weight
  • Wheels
  • Recline
  • Optimal Age/Size of Child
  • Bassinet Option
  • Car Seat Adaptability
  • Fold (Ease of Fold and Size of Folded Stroller)
  • Accessories
  • Price

Note with prices, these are subject to change both up and down. Please refer to our current site for the most recent prices and promotions!

Best Lightweight Strollers 2024: Our Top Picks

BabyZen Yoyo stroller


Babyzen Yoyo

The Yoyo has long been a MVP of the lightweight stroller game. Since it came out about 2012, it has been wowing new parents with its super small fold and sleek look.

Note, while this stroller used to be produced by BabyZen, it's been acquired by Stokke and is now being produced by them. The quality has remained the same though the branding will eventually be tweaked!

The fold is small enough for the overhead bin on an airplane, which means if you’re traveling by plane, you can bring your stroller on board and have it on the ready for when you land. Even more importantly, you don’t have to worry about it being lost or broken in transit.

Besides its compact fold the Yoyo also has a slew of accessories that will enhance your trip, from extra storage of the wheeled board and the buggy board for a second child to stand, to a padded travel bag and cup holder.

A great choice for younger babies, the Yoyo works with a number of infant car seats using their car seat adapter, and you can purchase the newborn pack that allows lie-flat for newborns, while maintaining the small fold or the hard-shell bassinet that gives a snuggly spot for the youngest jet-setters.  

All in all, this is a top-pick for Babesta and the parents who shop the store as it makes travel much easier and more comfortable all around!

  • Weight: 13.6 lbs
  • Wheels: Good-Very Good
  • Recline: 145 degrees
  • Optimal Age/Size of Child: Yoyo 6+ (seat) is for 6 months-48lbs. But can be used for a newborn with additional accessories
  • Bassinet Option: Yes, soft bassinet and hard shell bassinet sold separately
  • Car Seat Adaptability: Yes, with additional adapters sold separately. Works with Maxi-Cosi compatible car seats like by Nuna, Cybex, Maxi Cosi and Clek
  • Fold (Size of Folded Stroller and Ease of Fold): Folded 20” x 17” x 7”. Although this can be done as a 2-step one-hand fold, it is a little more complicated though easy to master!
  • Accessories: Car seat adapters, leg rest, cup holder, travel bag, buggy board, connect (to make it a double), umbrella, mosquito net, rain cover, skis, wheeled bag, footmuff, bassinet, 6+ fabric set, 0+ newborn set
  • Price: $489

Bugaboo Butterfly stroller

Bugaboo Butterfly

Bugaboo’s Butterfly stroller is as lightweight as the name suggests. This is an elegant entrant to the lightweight stroller game that is super-easy to boot. The stroller’s one-hand fold is a head-turner, so new parents can hold the baby and fold the stroller in one swoop.

As this is a newer stroller, their accessories are few, but they are launching frequently and we expect a nice array of add-ons over the next months. We’re happy to say that the footrest come with the Butterfly Stroller, adaptable to the Bugaboo Turtle car seats as well as various Maxi-Cosi compatible seats including the Cybex and Clek.

This one has been received  very well and people are really loving the excellent quality of the stroller (typical Bugaboo!) as well as the one-hand fold. Two other great points on the Butterfly are its easy recline as well as its oversized underbasket!

  • Weight: 16.09 lbs
  • Wheels: Good-Very Good
  • Recline: Suitable for 6 months + (143 degrees)
  • Optimal Age/Size of Child: 6 months-50lbs
  • Bassinet Option: No
  • Car Seat Adaptability: Yes with additional adapters sold separately. Works with Bugaboo Turtle Air and One, Nuna Pipa and Maxi Cosi Mico Series and other Maxi Cosi infant car seats
  • Fold (Size of Folded Stroller and Ease of Fold): 17.72” x 9.06” x 21.26”. Super easy one-hand fold.
  • Accessories: Buggy board, car seat adapter, bumper bar, transport bag. Many other accessories are "stroller agnostic" so can also be used including the cupholder, seat liner, organizer, parasol, changing backpack, smartphone holder and footmuff
  • Price: $449 

Joolz Aer+ Stroller

We love the Joolz Aer+ as it's super light and is easy to maneuver. There are lots of accessories as well that you can purchase separately.

For someone using the stroller from the very beginning, we like the Aer+ because you have the choice of car seat adapters, a structured bassinet. The bassinet can even fold with the stroller and needn't be removed. 

This stroller is super easy to recline (just a zipper) and it has a pretty big underseat basket so you will be good to go with all of your stuff! When it's folded, it's quite elegant as well and stands on its own, and is small enough for most airlines' overhead compartments. 

The push is excellent and wheels too. This is definitely a top contender for travel!

Weight: 13.2 lbs
Wheels: Good-Very Good
Recline: Suitable for 6 months -4 years
Optimal Age/Size of Child: 6 months-50lbs
Bassinet Option: Yes
Car Seat Adaptability: Nuna Pipa, Pipa RX, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite R, Maxi Cosi Pebble, Pebble Plus, Pebble Pro, Coral, Cybex Cloud Q, Cloud Q plus, Cloud Z, Aton Q i-size, Aton 3, Aton 4, Aton 5, Clek Liing, and more
Fold (Size of Folded Stroller and Ease of Fold): 17.7” x 8.5” x 21”. Super easy one-hand fold.
Accessories: Cup holder, mosquito net, leg rest, rain cover, carrycot, foldable bumper bar, footboard, Aer+ LED light, footmuff, car sea adapters
Price: $449


Cybex Libelle Stroller

Cybex Libelle 2

The Cybex Libelle is another fabulous lightweight choice. It’s the lightest of the group, and has the smallest fold. It also comes with car seat adapters so that it’s newborn appropriate as well, which makes it a very convenient choice.

Its wheels are a bit smaller than some of the other choices, so take that into account if you’re considering this stroller. But if size matters and you want the smallest possible, this stroller is the littlest engine that definitely can!

  • Weight: 13.7 lbs
  • Wheels: Fair
  • Recline: 6 months +
  • Optimal Age/Size of Child: birth-55lbs
  • Bassinet Option: No
  • Car Seat Adaptability: Yes, car seat adapter included in purchase. Compatible with Cybex car seats Cloud G and Aton G
  • Fold (Ease of Fold and Size of Folded Stroller): 12.6” x 7.9” x 18.9”. This is an easy 2 step fold, but is very small!
  • Accessories: bumper bar, travel bag
  • Price: $329

Minu V2 Stroller by Uppababy

UppaBaby Minu V2

On the other side of the lightweight stroller spectrum is the UppaBaby Minu. We love this stroller for its stability and style. It’s a great choice for bigger kids as the stroller holds more weight comfortably due to its roomy seat. It’s also car seat compatible with the UppaBaby car seats or (with an additional adapter) Maxi Cosi compatible models like the Cybex, Bugaboo x Nuna, and the Clek.

The UppaBaby Minu can also be used with the UppaBaby bassinet –the same bassinet that works with the UppaBaby Vista as well as the Cruz. The bassinet would have to be removed before folding of course, but this solution is an excellent one for babies and bigger kids.

Because it’s so flexible and sturdy, however, the UppaBaby Minu is a bit bigger than the others when it’s folded and is unlikely to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. We’d suggest checking the stroller with a padded stroller bag if you intend to travel with it.

  • Weight: 16.9 lbs
  • Wheels: Good-Very Good
  • Recline: 3 months +
  • Optimal Age/Size of Child:3 months to 50lbs
  • Bassinet Option: Yes, sold separately
  • Car Seat Adaptability: Yes, with separately purchased car seat adapters. Mesa adaptor available as well as Maxi Cosi Adapters that works with Maxi Cosi, Nuna and Cybex
  • Fold (Size of Folded Stroller and Ease of Fold): 12.5” x 20.3” x 23” (with bumper bar). Super easy one step fold
  • Accessories: Travel bag, rain cover, snack tray, car seat adapters, bassinet, piggy back, organizer, cup holder
  • Price: $399.99

Uppababy G-luxe 2

UppaBaby G-Luxe 

The UppaBaby G-Luxe is the old-school choice for lightweight stroller. The G-Luxe is a traditional umbrella stroller and has a V-fold that is larger than the above more compact choices. The G-Luxe has a nice recline and padded seat, making it comfy for children 3 months and up. It also features a standing fold.

The new version features a powder coat finish and a sleeker look. Note that the G-Luxe is not car seat compatible. For a family that wants something easy for the subway or the car that’s high quality at a more reasonable price, this is the perfect choice.

  • Weight: 16.3 lbs
  • Wheels: Good
  • Recline: 3 months +
  • Optimal Age/Size of Child: 3 months – 55lbs
  • Bassinet Option: No
  • Car Seat Adaptability: No
  • Fold (Ease of Fold and Size of Folded Stroller): 19.2” x 12” x 41.8”. Two hand but easy fold
  • Accessories: Travel bag, rain shield, carryall parent organizer
  • Price: $199.99 

Doona car seat stroller

Doona+ Car Seat / Stroller

We’ve included the Doona in this listing not because it’s super light, but it’s a top choice for easy travel. If your baby is 0-12 months (approximately) and still in a car seat, the Doona car seat stroller travel system is a great option for any getaways with baby.

With its patented design, a set of wheels can tuck underneath the car seat as you drive around town and then pop the wheels out with ease when you get to your destination and want to stroll around.

Although you don’t want baby in a car seat for prolonged periods (meaning this shouldn’t be your full-time stroller solution), we can hardly think of something more simple for getting out on the town. 

  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Wheels: Fair
  • Recline: None, but suitable for 0+ *a child should only be in a car seat position for a couple hours at a time
  • Optimal Age/Size of Child: 4 lbs-35 lbs / 32” (child should stop using once they grow out of the max height OR the max weight – usually 12 months)
  • Bassinet Option: No.
  • Car Seat Adaptability: It is a car seat!
  • Fold (Size of Folded Stroller and Ease of Fold): With wheels collapsed: 26” x 17.4” x 22.4” One Button Fold – very easy!
  • Accessories: Rain cover, snap on storage, travel bag, sunshade, insect net, vehicle seat protector, cupholder, footmuff
  • Price: $550

Coya Stroller by Cybex

This is a gorgeous option for a travel stroller. The Coya by Cybex is part of Cybex's Platinum line, with the luxe styling of the Priam and Mios Stroller only light and compact. This stroller is all luxury, from wheels up! It's foldable within seconds, and is overhead compatible. It's got a great recline, an integrated leg rest and a nice one-pull harness so your precious passenger is super safe. It's also travel-ready, able to be used with the Cybex car seat. 

  • Carry On Compatible - small enough to fit in the overhead!
  • One-Hand Fold - super easy to fold and hold the baby!
  • Awesome Recline - this is easy to recline, and when used with the footrest, it gives a great resting position for baby!
  • One-Pull Harness - This makes it super simple to tighten the harness so baby is super safe
  • Car Seat Compatible - make a travel system by adding a Cybex infant car seat (Aton G!). You can go from stroll to car to stroll in a snap!
  • Sun Canopy with Mesh Insert - Super breathable and with UPF 50+ fabric.
  • Smooth Front Wheel Suspension - Basically, it's a good ride!
  • Large Shopping Basket - the shopping basket holds up to 11 lbs of extras
  • folded: 20.5" x 17.3" x 7.1"
  • assembled: 31.1" x 17.3" x 38.2"
  • weight: 14.6lbs
  • Price: $549.95+

Babyzen stroller at babesta


On-The-Go With Your Lightweight Stroller

With all of these great options, you are sure to find the ride that best suits your family. Just look to the key differences and prioritize what matters most. Do you need it to work for an infant? Are you traveling by plane? What is your budget? How old is the child? All of these will matter when you’re selecting the stroller for you!

Babesta Strollers


Stroll On Into Babesta!

The best way to make the right decision is by coming on down to Babesta to try out the latest models. This way you can really know what the tradeoffs are in practice. We’ll face off your favorites and let you test drive our floor samples on the curbs and street, so that you really know what works best!

Once you make your selection, we’re happy to put it together for you so you can just stroll out. But before you go, one of our associates will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable folding and unfolding it and using all its features. When you shop the best lightweight strollers at Babesta, we make sure it’ll be smooth strolling on your next adventure!

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