5 Gifts For A Post-Holiday Seaside Getaway

Sunny gifts from babesta for the holidays

It's about this time of year, we're all ready for some warmer weather! Get them ready for the sunshine with new bathing suits by Molo, some goggles, pail & shovel, floaties, and of course a sunny stuffie by Jellycat, the perfect BFF for your getaway!

Here are our top 5 goodies for your sun-kissed bunch!

1/ New Bathing Suit by Molo

Swim trunks by Molo

Nathalie Wild Nature Swimsuit by SunnyLife

Our friends at Molo always have amazing swimsuits with bright colors and cool designs. Shop Molo.

2/ Swim Goggles by SunnyLife

Swim goggles by SunnyLife

Protect those eyes from the salty water with a new pair of swim goggles. How many fish do you see? Shop SunnyLife.

3/ Pail and Shovel Beach Toys by SunnyLife

SunnyLife silicone bucket and spade set

Nothing like building your very own castle in the sand with this Beach Toy Set by SunnyLife. Shop SunnyLife.

4/ Swim Vests by SunnyLife

Sunnylife swim vest

Shop SunnyLife.

As you're learning your swimming skills, it's always good to have a Swim Vest to keep you afloat in a pinch! Shop SunnyLife.

5/ Sunshine Stuffie by Jellycat

Sunny Stuffie by Jellycat

And when you're knackered from all that outdoor fun, snuggle up with your Sunny Stuffie by Jellycat and dream of all the fun you'll have tomorrow! Find your new  Jellycat BFF.

 Need more gift ideas? Pop on in or reach out to our gift concierge 646 290 5508 ! We can whip up something special for anyone on your list!


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