5 Gifts Perfect For Your Little Monster

monster gifts at babesta

You know you have one. Well sometimes. Naughty and nice, and all that jazz. Celebrate your little monster with these super cool gifts that will have them roaring around the house!

Hey Clay Monster Set

1/ Hey Clay Monsters: This monster making clay kit makes for some creative fun. Three eyes? Fangs? Crazy horns? They can decide how ghoulish to go! $20

 Monster Hooded Towel by Yikes Twins

2/ Monster Hooded Towel: Bathtime just got that much more fun! This hooded towel by Yikes Twins dries them off while fueling their imagination. $42

Monster stacking toy by tender leaf toys

3/ Monster Stacking Toy: Tender Leaf Toys' Monster Stacker is a cool way to develop those fine motor skills. $28

An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Beings book

4/ An A-Z of Monster and Magical Beings Book: A field guide to the strange world of monsters for little ones who want to dig in to the subject: werewolves, imps, elves, and more. $17.95

Lorena Canals Ghosty Cushion

5/ A Cool Monster Pillow: Lorena Canals' Ghosty Cushion is a hard-to-resist bedtime pal. $69

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