5 Gifts That Will Amp Up Their Scooter Game

MicroKickboard scooter and accessories

Forget the taxis and the Ubers. We all know that city kids like to scoot around town, and the Micro Kickboard is the ride of choice! If they don't have a Micro Kickboard scooter yet, that's gonna be your first stop if you want to be MVP of the holiday. If they do, consider jazzing up their ride with some accessories!

microkickboard micro mini scooter

1/ Mini2Grow LED & Micro Mini 3-in-1 (age 12 months+) or Micro Mini (2 years+) Micro Maxi (5 years+) These sooters are in all sorts of cool colors and most feature LED lights! Shop MicroKickboard Scooters. $99+

Microkickboard scooter streamers

2/Retro Handlebar Streamers: Total throwback but your kid's gonna love it. Imagine these rainbow colored streamers flying in the wind as they zip around the park! Shop MicroKickboard Accessories. $15

microkickboard dino head

3/Dino or Unicorn Head: We love these add-ons to give your scooter a little more personality! Shop MicroKickboard Accessories. $25

microkickboard bell

4/A Bell: Imagine their delight when they can ring-a-ding-ding at their friends as they whizz by. Shop MicroKickboard Accessories. $15

Microkickboard Helmet

5. A Cool Helmet: Obviously  you can't forget this! Safety and style! Shop MicroKickboard Accessories. $52.

Still looking for last minute gifts? Never fear, we're here to help! Call 646 290 5508, shop online and pick up in store or have us ship. We can also messenger same day when needed! We got you!


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