5 Gifts To Snazz Up Their Room

cool Room decor gifts for child
Looking to snazz up their room this holiday? Look no further than our top 5 room decor gifts this holiday season!

room decor holiday gift ideas
Enjoy our Top 5!
Happy face cushion by pink lemonade
smiley cushion by pink lemonade
1/Happy Face Pillow by Pink Lemonade. Even if you're not a morning person, this pillow will make you smile! Pink Smiley Cushion. Blue Smiley Cushion. $42 each. 
Mermaid duvet by Snurk
shark bedding set by snurk living
2/ Photorealistic Twin Bedding Duvet Cover and Pillow Cover by Snurk Living. We love the pop these comforter covers give a room. Lots of choices - from a T-rex to a shark, a ballerina to a mermaid. Mermaid Duvet Set; Shark Duvet Set. Both $119.
robot plush by meri meri
Miss Mighty Mouse Cushion by Lorena Canales
3/ A Cool Stuffie: We love this robot by Meri Meri as a great nighttime companion. But then again there's little Miss Mighty Mouse cushion by Lorena Canales, who can double as a pillow or snuggle buddy. Robot Stuffie by Meri Meri, $65.  Miss Mighty Mouse Cushion by Lorena Canales, $69.
Natural Tri Scallop Blanket by Lady Thom
tri scallop woven throw blanket by lady thom
4/ Blanket by Lady Thom: if you're looking for a throw, these are colorful and easy choices. Choose from a the Natural Tri-Scallop Blanket  (was $108, now $69) in a bright fleece style and a heavier woven blanket.  Tri-Scallop Woven Throw was $144, now $99.
Pink lemonade travel blanket set
We also love Pink Lemonade's travel blanket set that comes with an eye cover. This is great for your older kid who's on the go. The colorful heart print is positively beloved!  Blush Hearts Bright Travel Set, $110.
Lumipets LED Bear nightlight
5/Light by LumiPets: Of course, who can resist this little nightlight by LumiPets. The little bear will be right by your side as you hibernate.  LED Bear Night Light, $25.
Want more gift ideas? Pop on over to Babesta or shop the site! You can even give us a call and we can help you though the heavy lifting of gift-giving. 

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