A Peek Inside Bobo Choses' New Flagship In Barcelona

A big congrats to our friends at Bobo Choses for the opening of their flagship shop in Barcelona where art and fashion come together with the values, philosophy, and spirit behind their company, living by the motto: Have Fun!

This uber-creative brand has made a bright and lively space that invites local families and tourists alike to come into their world of workshops, games, interactive creative spaces, and shop the latest collection

We know the next time we're in Barcelona, you'll find us diving into all the fun on Rambla Catalunya! We encourage you to do the same.

But while you're stateside, you can count on us to have the Bobo Collection in full force at Babesta. We adore their commitment to creativity and sustainability, two things that align squarely with our values here, as well as their spot on sense of style!

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