Around Town: The Flowers of Hypnosis at BBG

Mirror Lotus_guillaume Ziccarelli
Photo by Guillaume Ziccarelli (c)Jean-Michel Othoniel / ADAGP, Paris & ARS, New York 2023
Looking for a magical way to spend your afternoon? Head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and stroll the grounds to spy Jean-Michel Othoniel's sculptures that look like they're straight out of a jewelry box. 
Set in the BBG's Japanese garden, which, incidentally,  was the first Japanese garden built in the United States, Othoniel's outdoor exhibit, The Flowers of Hypnosis, is a mesmerizing display playing on the reflective water and simple beauty of the beautiful gardens. French artist Othoniel's gilded lotus sculptures are are luxurious celebrants of Japan's most sacred flower.
It should come as no surprise to us that Dior sponsored this exhibit, as scaled down to ring-size, the luxurious gold and silver sculptures would feel at home in the fashion legends' repertoire. 
Othoniel is a French contemporary artist whose work often contemplates "emotional geometry." This exhibit has us coming back to think about flowers and nature and the beauty all around us. 
Gold Lotus Photo by Guillaume Ziccarelli
Photo by Guillaume Ziccarelli. (c) Jean-Michel Othoniel / ADAGP, Paris & ARS, New York 2023
We love the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, as it's a wonderful escape from the typical city day. Relaxing, quiet and beautiful (and an olfactory delight of course), this is a must-do to decompress from the back-to-school craziness September brings!
Exhibit from July 18-October 22, 2023 at Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garde, Fragrance Garden, Lily Pool Terrace

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