Automania at the MoMa

We're always looking for cool things to do in the city with families, and this week we were goosenecking the MOMA and their new Automania exhibit. First of all, you want to go soon, as the cars on display in the sculpture garden are only there until October 11th. The gallery portion of the show will be there until January 2, so you've got time on that! automania at the moma

Pre-show festivities: Crank up the playlist that the Moma so sportingly provided! Anthems to fast cars and the rest! (and there's another just for kids!)

What to expect: We know we're a city where many are without cars and rely on subways and buses. But there's no denying the allure of these beautiful vehicles. The show takes an in depth look at the car as both modern industrial products and style icons, as well as their impact on the roads, health and planet.

Go Deeper: The MOMA's site has lots of videos, from restoring an iconic Volkswagon Beetle to a whole kid's section not to be missed

Get all the info here! Might even inpire you to get your license!

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