Black Friday Baby Gear Sale: Clek & Cybex Promos!

Clek Black Friday baby gear sale car seats

More exciting news! There are a few new sales in the mix starting today!

Need a car seat? Look no further than Clek!

From November 16-28th, everything from Clek is 20% off. That's right, everything! This is the time to get that Infant Car Seat, Convertible Car Seat, or Booster Seat

Foonf car seat on sale black friday baby gear sale clek

Clek's line up of car seats are legendary. They are perennial favorites by The Car Seat Lady (NYC's go-to for car seat installations). The infant car seat the Liing, is a great option for its safety features on the seat and base. The Liingo is their answer for city folks who don't have cars and don't need a base. Then there are the Foonf and Fllo, two excellent convertible car seats that feature slightly different energy management systems. The Foonf is dubbed the "mother of all car seats". And then there are the boosters: the Oobr (high back), Olli and Ozzi (both low back. We can't recommend this line of seats highly enough!

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And not only that, from November 16-30th, the Libelle by Cybex is 25%. AND, the Sirona S Sensorsafe in all colorways is $100 off, AND with the purchase of the Gazelle S2 Stroller, you get a free Cot with your purchase! Wowza!Libelle stroller by clek black friday baby gear sale

The Libelle Stroller by Cybex is a great on the go option, as it folds down so small it fits the overhead compartment of an airplane, or the underseat basket of your primary stroller. It's itsy bitsy!

The Sirona S is a convertible car seat that rotates for easy loading and unloading. Keep in mind though, city people, that this is a good solution if you have a car, but if you don't you must know that you have to use the base when installing. 

Black friday baby gear sale gazelle stroller by cybex

The Gazelle S2 stroller is one of our favorite doubles solutions, and getting a free cot is a very welcome addition for the infant-set! 

This is a lot of good stuff for one day! Give us a buzz if you're ready to take advantage of some of these sales or pop in!

Stay tuned for our next sale dropping on November 20th. Woot!

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