Bugaboo Fox 5 Stroller Review: Thumbs Waaay Up!

Always innovating, those product engineers at Bugaboo have upped the ante once again with the Fox 5 stroller. Let’s take a look!

Bugaboo Fox 5 Lifestyle Photo

What We’ll Cover

First Impressions Of The Fox 5 Stroller

This stroller makes a strong first impression. At a glance, you can see something is different. It’s a little bit sleeker, a little more stylish. Perhaps it’s the eye-popping Astro Purple canopy, the signature color for this bold new set of wheels. 

Bugaboo Fox 5 Stroller

It’s clear tons of design engineering has gone into the Fox 5.

From the one-hand standing fold to the modern spoked wheels and embossed bumper bar to the reduction in little white buttons, it’s all a bit more considered and it shows. Those last brushstrokes on a masterpiece. 

We’re swiping right, but in the spirit of making this a comprehensive Fox 5 stroller review, let’s get to know it a bit better.

New Features Of The Fox 5 Stroller

Ok, if this was a car, we’d be getting under the hood at this point. We’ve talked about the redesigned frame with the sleeker wheels, bumper bar, and branding elements

We’ve mentioned that the black or graphite frame is now not detracted from by too many white buttons. It's got a new sense of simplicity (exhale), but what else is new with this stroller? 

Fox 5 Stroller by Bugaboo Adjustability

New Moveable Canopy

The canopy can be moved up or down about 2”, giving more room for a growing child.

New Moveable Footrest

Like the canopy, the redesigned footrest can be moved 2” giving more legroom!

Fox 5 stroller by bugaboo breathability

Even More Breathability

There are three mesh panels of the stroller now, on the canopy, in the bassinet and the underseat basket. 

1-Hand Handlebar Adjustment

Now if you’re trading off stroller-push duties, it’s easy to adjust, even if one of you is 6’3” and the other 5’2”. Just squeeze the button on the handlebar to adjust it and make it the perfect size for you. Smooth strolling!

Fox 5 stroller by bugaboo standing fold

1-Hand Standing Fold

This is a great one. Bugaboo improved the fold which used to require 2 hands. Now you just squeeze the button on the handlebar while pressing a tab on the back and it folds in a flash

New Center Of Gravity

Trust us, this makes a big difference. As the center of gravity was moved to the back the whole weight distribution is improved

Wheelboard Input Adjustment

This might not matter so much for a first-time parent, but for those who have been through it, it makes a big difference. If you have two kids and want to use the wheelboard, that wheelboard can get in the way of your stride.

By changing where the wheelboard clicks in, they’ve improved the pushing experience for the parents by giving more clearance for walking.  

New Bigger Underseat Basket

Extend the flaps for more room in the underseat basket. Yes please!


Bugaboo Fox 5 Detail Photo

What Does It Mean To Me?

A good Fox 5 Stroller review needs to circle back to what matters. So, when rattling off all the new features, we always go back to the question, what does that mean for me (or for you, as it were). 

  • The movable canopy and footrest mean that the child can sit in the stroller more comfortably and could arguably be a little taller
  • The addition of more mesh panels means the child will be cooler and less sweaty
  • The one-hand fold means it’s easier for you to hold the baby and fold the stroller—you no longer have to rely on the kindness of strangers. 
  • And all that center of gravity business means that the weight is distributed better, resulting in an easier push and maneuverability
  • As for the wheeled board input adjustments, that’s just to say it will be more comfortable pushing the stroller with one in the seat and one on the wheelboard, as it will allow you to have a more natural stride
  • This one's a no-brainer. Bigger basket, more room for your stuff! Bring it on!
Fox 3 vs Fox 5 by bugaboo

Key Differences Fox 3 vs. Fox 5

You ask why a Fox 5 Stroller Review? What happened to the Fox 4? No, there is no Fox 4. Like when they iterated on the Bee, Bugaboo skips the fourth edition for superstition. The word four in Chinese is considered unlucky as when slightly mispronounced can sound like “death”. Moving on  . . .

How Does The Fox 3 compare to the Fox 5 (we're glad you asked!)

Fox 3  Two hand handlebar adjustment, two hand fold

Fox 5  One hand handlebar adjustment, one hand fold


Fox 3  No adjustability of the canopy or footrest

Fox 5  Both canopy and footrest have been redesigned and allow 2” adjustments for comfort


Fox 3  Features 2 areas (bassinet and canopy) with mesh panels

Fox 5  Features 3 areas (bassinet, canopy, basket) with mesh panels


Fox 3  More white buttons on the frame and traditional branding

Fox 5  Simplified redesigned  frame with less white buttons and sleeker branding

Of course, there are also a few additional aesthetic changes: namely the array of colors. They’ve narrowed the frame selection to Graphite and Black (the Fox 3 also allowed for an Aluminum frame). 

New color combos include: 

  • Graphite/Grey/Grey
  • Graphite/Stormy Blue/Stormy Blue
  • Black/Black/Black
  • Black/Black/Misty White
  • Black/Forest Green/Forest Green
  • Black/Black/Astro Purple.

Bugaboo Fox 5 Stroller Review

Don't worry. If you are crushing on one of the Fox 3 canopy colors that isn't available for the Fox 5, you can still get it. Totally compatible.

Now, let's talk about car seats. As with the Fox 3, the stroller box will come with the car seat adapters that will accommodate the Bugaboo Turtle x Nuna, as well as car seats by Cybex, Clek, and Maxi Cosi. Have Bugaboo, will travel!

But, it should be noted that the Fox 3 is currently on sale (while supplies last!), so it does have a price advantage for those who are looking for a great stroller at a lesser price. (25% off!) 

Bugaboo Fox 5 Stroller Review

The Verdict On The Fox 5 Stroller

Not surprisingly, we love the new Fox 5. We’re most appreciative of the one-hand fold as we know that this will add a lot of convenience for busy parents. The new Bugaboo stroller is thoughtful, meets and exceeds important safety standards, and stands up to our street-test with aplomb

And although I wish they called the canopy “Grape Ape” instead of “Astro Purple”, I applaud the bold color move. For an always-dress-in-black city like New York, the bright violet hue stands out in the crowd. 

So, in sum, with all of these great new features, we think city parents cannot go wrong. Our Bugaboo Fox 5 Review says: "all signs point to yes".

Bugaboo Fox 5 In store

So now you’ve got the basics. The next step is to come into the store and give it a spin. Babesta always allows stroller try-outs on the streets of Tribeca, so you can really get to know what it means to have “good suspension” or “a better push”. 

If you’re convinced this is the stroller for you, shop the Fox 5 at Babesta today. We can hold it until you need it (you secure it now but don’t have to take it until you’re ready). This is a good way to add assurance that there are no stock shortages without adding clutter to your home before you need to. 

We also will assemble the stroller for you for free and teach you how to use it in the shop so by the time you’re strolling your trendy little tot around the city that never sleeps, you’ll be a pro.

Babesta is a family-owned company based in Lower Manhattan. We've immersed ourselves in everything baby since 2004 and area always here to help! Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to Babesta by phone at 646 290 5508 or by our Live Chat. It's all us, no bots about it!

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