First Look At The Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair

Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair

We were pretty excited to see Bugaboo enter the ring with a strong contender for the table, and want to share our first impressions! Meet the Bugaboo Giraffe!

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As far as looks, this high chair is a knockout in our opinion! We love the modern design of the Bugaboo Giraffe, and think it can fit a contemporary interior as well as a more traditional one. The mix of walnut wood and gray details is our favorite, but the beech and white, white, black and blue are lovely choices as well.

Ease of Use

With small buttons to adjust the seat and footrest, it's a snap to move the seat from baby-friendly to big kid ready. The tray is super easy to take off as well, and the baby set can be removed by pressing one tab. There are pillow sets available for newborn and junior (used for the high chair or just the chair). This adds some nice comfort to the furniture piece!


Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair Tray



As no one has eaten in our floor sample of the Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair, we haven't had to really clean it. But from what we see it should be a snap. The instructions say use a damp cloth to clean. The tray is dish washer safe and the cushions are machine washable. We don't see any red flags where food will get caught or would be difficult.

Bugaboo High Chair Newborn Set


Check! The high chair can go from Newborn (with the separately purchased Newborn Set and Rocker Frame if you want to use it as a floor rocker) to 220 lbs. The Newborn set is very convenient - we always love the idea of a lofted lounger, great for households with pets and other kids.

The Rocker Frame is another great idea, allowing you to use the Newborn set on and off of the chair.

Now let's get to the other end of the "longevity" of the high chair. It accommodates up to 220 lbs? It's true, sometimes when they say a product "can" be used for an extended period I say, yeah, but would you? (bridesmaid dresses, for instance!) But I could totally see the Bugaboo Giraffe high chair integrated in an upscale interior long past baby's need for a boost. Another win!


Sometimes you have to move a chair from place to place: to vacuum or sweep, or you just want baby to have a new point of view of the room while you're feeding them. The Bugaboo Giraffe is surprisingly light at 11 pounds and because of its design, it's super easy to move. This doesn't take away from its safety. The legs have a big enough spread that it is not a tipping hazard.


Again, Bugaboo is knocking it out of the park. This is all made of sustainable materials: FSC certified European beechwood and ISCC certified bio-based materials. According to Bugaboo, including accessories, this chair has 42% lower CO2 footprint when compared to fossil-based materials.


Bugaboo High Chair Lifestyle

Our Verdict

All in all, we'll give this a big thumbs up to the Bugaboo Giraffe. From its sleek style to its commitment to sustainability to its convenience factors like lightness, no-tool adjustability, and ease of cleaning, we can't think of any drawbacks. It's no big surprise that the company that brought us a host of great strollers -- big and small, car seats and travel cribs has done it again!

Shop the Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair

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