Genius or Vandal: New Banksy Immersive Art Experience

We’ve long been fans of the talented Mr. Banksy, ever since we did that Babesta Beat photoshoot with Katrina Tang (check out our video Pranksy & the Playground Mob, inspired by Banksy's most famous works here) where we recreated some of his most famous works! Now we can all step into the art in the immersive experience taking place in NYC. Using VR, this experience is 60-80 minutes, of jumping into Banksy’s world with over 100 genuine works from private collections. West 14th at 6th Ave.

banksy image banksy image banksy immersive experience image banksy iconic image banksy image

Babesta's Pranksy & the Playground Mob!

Pranksy and the Playground Mob Banksy Pranksy and the Playground mob 2

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