Hello TushBaby! The Newest Carrier In The Shop

Babesta is excited to include TushBaby Carriers to our selection, rounding out a broader range of carriers for parents on-the-go. The TushBaby is super smart, giving you everything you need for ages 0-3 and more: It even doubles as a nursing pillow! 

We had been noticing more and more of this type of carrier that is worn around the hips and includes a little seat for your little one. Just put on the TushBaby & carry your child with ease like an assisted piggyback or hip carry thanks to the seat and padded waist belt (that also has storage!)

Add the Snug and you have a full blown hands free carrier for babies 6 months+. 

By the way, the Snug can fold up to store in the large storage pocket of the carrier. 

Speaking of storage, this carrier has oodles of it (meaning you don't need to sling a diaper bag over your shoulder!

And, as used as a nursing pillow, listen up: Normally when you're breastfeeding a baby 0+ you are sitting down and baby is in a horizontal position. This can result in trapped gas - which makes baby uncomfortable. With TushBaby you can sit or stand when feeding your littlest baby, and they can be at a slant. This way your little one's tummy is much happier!

And, in an unexpected twist, it can even be used for your furbaby!

TushBaby Specs & Details:

  • Can be used from 0-6 months as a breastfeeding support, up to 3 years or 45 lbs.
  • With Snug, can be used face-to-face position for children 12lbs-45lbs or up to 36 months; or forward facing position for children 16-45lbs or up to 36 months.
  • American company
  • Safety certified
  • Premium quality materials
  • Ergonomic design
  • 5 storage pockets

Additional waistbelt extender available. Come on by to check out the latest of wraps & carriers at Babesta. Shop the Best in Baby Carriers! Now stocking Baby Bjorn, LilleBaby, ErgoBaby, Cybex Yema, and TushBaby. Swing on by to try them on in-store and see what you love!

Hip hip for hand's free!!!

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