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Liki Trike by Doona

Summertime means a lot of time outdoors, and what better way to get out with your little than the Doona Liki Trike.

Yes, you probably know Doona for their genius infant car seat/stroller that is a city (and registry) must have. But it's time to meet one of their other innovations: The Liki Trike.

No, I'm afraid it won't accommodate your convertible car seat, but it will make your kid happy as a clam. We promise!

This grow-with-me trike is a great alt to a stroller, giving your tot a little more wind in his hair so to speak. 

Liki trike folded

This compact trike can fold and unfold in seconds, making it easy to travel with. This super cool ride transforms into different modes in step with your child's growth and motor skill development

liki trike in parent mode

When they're the smallest, use it upright with the handle in Parent Mode (10-18 months), pushing as they pedal around town.

liki trike trike mode

As they get bigger, transform it to a more compact push-trike in Push Mode (18-24 months, with footrest), then Trike Mode (24-30 months, with pedals).

liki trike bike mode

Finally, when there're ready to wheel off on their own, take off the handle and put it in Bike Mode (30-36 months) watch them roll!

Maybe this is the summer to let them taste just a smidge of freedom, that special summer wind-through-the-hair, sun-on-the-face fun. . . 

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