In the Nabe: African Elephant and Rabbitwoman by Gillie and Marc

African Elephant and Rabbitwoman by Gillie and Marc

There is something melancholy and beautiful to stumble upon this unlikely pair who’ve been bound by a weighty mission. You see, the African Elephant and Rabbitwoman are reading a book on conservation techniques, trying to figure out how to save the fauna of the earth from poaching and extinction. Gillie and Marc, the sculptors behind this work, point out (on the bronze placard beneath) that in the last 50 years, 70% of the planet’s wildlife has been lost, a shocking statistic. This public artwork serves as a call to action and you can help. Go visit these two fantastical creatures outside the Oculus on the Church Street side, snap a picture and share with the tags #gillieandmarc #lovethelast.

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