Introducing Pre-Spring by Mini Rodini

two boys wearing Mini Rodini Adored clothing collection

The seasons fly by - this we know. This week we've gotten in our first shipments of pre-Spring 2024! This new collection by Mini Rodini is called "Adored" and we adore it! (no surprise there!)

We'll share with you some of the looks here from their fabulous photo shoot. Cool clothes get even cooler when you know that everything is 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified. Can't beat that!

Besides that, the artist-founder of the brand, Cassandra Rhodin is the artistic hand behind all of the drawings and we're crazy for her sophisti-cool style that is so unique in the children's market. 

Want to jump right into shopping? Shop the collection here

Here's a taste!

Two kids wearing Mini Rodini adored collection

Little girl eating ice cream in adored collection by mini rodini

girl wearing mini rodini adored collection


little kid wearing mini rodini adored collectiongirl wearing mini rodini guitar tee

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