Introducing the Priam 4 Luxury Stroller by Cybex

We're psyched to announce the newest in the Cybex line up: the Priam 4. Always innovating, Cybex made some tweaks and upgrades to the head-turning stroller that has proven to be the top pick of the fashion set. Something about that rose gold! Just as a refresher, the Priam is the platinum-standard of the Cybex line, designed with inspiration taken from luxury goods and American designers Ray and Charles Eames. It's all in the details!

For the 2023 collection, the design and functionality have been upgraded:

  • One pull harness system, making it easier for the parent and more comfortable for the child. The harness can be precision-fitted in seconds with only one hand. Saggy straps are neither safe nor cool!
  • More intuitive assembly--meaning half the set up time of the earlier version. Everyone appreciates this!
  • Cupholder position moved upwards - making it more convenient
  • Improved shoulder pad fixation
  • New colorways! Standard fabrics are offered in Nautical Blue, Mountain Blue, Khaki Green, Mustard Yellow, Autumn Gold, Soho Grey, Deep Black; Sustainable Fabrics are offered in Onyx Black, Pearl Grey and Dark Navy; and then fashion collections are available as well, including Koi, Spring Blossom, Jewels of Nature, Simply Flowers, Jeremy Scott Wings and Petticoat, DJ Khaled We the Best, Karolina Kurkova and more!
  • How do you buy it? The Priam is fully customizable! Choose the best frame and then the your preferred seat pack. If you want to add a Lux carry cot, we recommend it!

Now, the Priam is good for 6M+, but is newborn ready with the use of the car seat or the Lux Carry Cot. The new carrycot has a few updates as well!

  • Baby is closer to the parent
  • Clicks in even easier!
  • New stylish shape
  • Tidy storage of panorama view window flap when opened
  • New pocket for parents' belongings
  • Breathability in the cot base
  • .5lbs lighter

First Impressions:

The Cybex Priam 4 Stroller is an elevated version of the 2021 Priam 3 - meaning our love for this stroller is greater than ever! For city parents, our main concerns are several: 

Wheels - they have to be large enough to handle all the bumps of the city streets and cobblestone, as well as off-road well in the park 

Suspension: It's got to be a smooth ride, so a sleeping baby won't be rudely awoken by a bump in the road

Overall Quality: The stroller must be hearty. New York City parents use their strollers all-day, every day

Storage: When you're out and about every day, you need room for your stuff. We love the Priam's more discrete storage where it magnetically closes for privacy

Easy to fold: New York City parents don't necessarily fold their strollers, given that they use them so frequently, but when the need arises, it should be easy

Great Customer Service: There are rarely problems with these high quality strollers, but it's important to know that a company has your back (and can get replacement parts if needed!)

The Cybex Priam 4 excels in all of our criteria! Great wheels and suspension--so a very smooth ride; incredible attention to detail (the Patek Philippe of strollers); Easy fold; Great storage (ample, yet discrete) and fabulous customer service. We're definitely sold! We'll take ours in Rose Gold!


Need a Tutorial? Check it out here!

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