In a Pickle: Last Weekend for Pickleball at Brookfield Pace!

pickleball at brookfield

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss being over there at Brookfield Place, right on the water! The folks at Brookfield are experts at fun-making and we headed over today to check out the new Pickleball courts. It’s just one of the racquet sports that will be offered all season! Until May 14, there are two pickleball courts and one badmitten court available for play. With the weather we’ve been having, this is a top pick for family fun! Open to the public weekdays 11am-5pm, and 5-7 reserved for Brookfield Place tenants.  Weekends it’s 11am-7pm open to the public. All equipment is supplied, so you need only bring your game face! Racquet Sports - Brookfield Place New York | BFPL (

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