May Flowers With Kristina Fitzpatrick of Paper and Flowers NYC

We stumbled upon a super cool company called Paper and Flowers NYC recently and we couldn't  get blossoming visions of baby showers and birthday parties out of our heads.

So we reached out to the company's founder, Kristina Fitzpatrick, to get the scoop on how it all started, and what sorts of things she's done for parties and events! 

We are quite sure that her giant, gorgeous paper flowers could be perfect for a special birthday -- whether it's some "wow" decor or one of her Master Class experiences for adults or children. 

May flowers, indeed!

Babesta: Paper and flowers is so beautiful and creative: What sparked the idea of making paper flowers into a business?

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And Flowers: I've been in business since I was 18 because it's my passion and in my opinion, the shortest path to having the freedom of choice while actively making the world a better place.

When I first came to NYC, I opened a business selling women's handbags. Unfortunately, despite years of effort and thousands of dollars spent, it didn’t succeed. Five years ago, I closed that business and began searching for a new and fresh idea.

I believe that we often excel in activities we enjoy or could pursue as hobbies. I've always been creative and enjoyed crafting, and I love flowers. However, I dislike the idea of expending so many resources (water, electricity, etc.) for flowers that only last a few hours at an event and then end up in the garbage.

As much as I love fresh flowers, I started thinking about eco-friendly alternatives. When I discovered pictures of paper flowers, I was absolutely impressed and decided to give it a try!

Babesta: What type of paper flower has been most difficult? Why?

Probably the first few flowers I made, haha! Continuing from the previous question, I decided to give it a try and opened an Instagram page. I started sending direct messages to big brands like Dior, MTV, NYFW, Armani, etc.

To my surprise, the New York Fashion Week social media team responded and said they wanted a wall of paper flowers for their show in about 1.5 months. I played it cool and confident, but I had no idea how to make it.

So, I ordered some paper from Amazon, opened a bottle of wine, and made my first flower. It was so ugly! 😂 I kept trying, took some classes, experimented with different papers and glues, and finally figured it out.

My first 10 flowers were extremely challenging, especially with the pressure of making them for such a high-profile client. The fashion week wall turned out beautifully and even brought me a few new clients.

Babesta: What’s your favorite flower?

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And Flowers: Definitely the peony! It's beautiful in both color and shape—such a perfect flower!


Babesta: Any flowers you haven’t tried yet that you want to?

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And FlowersOver the past five years, we have created many different varieties of flowers, ranging in size from 5 inches to 5 feet wide. Our clients continuously request unique and different flowers, so I believe we have been able to make most of them.

Currently, we are working on large objects. I think it's a charming idea to add human-sized mushrooms or animals to our collection. We haven't done it yet, but we are working on it now and will be launching soon!

Babesta: What’s the secret of making them realistic?

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And FlowersPractice and the right materials are key. People often think it's just paper and that they can do it themselves, only to call us at the last minute when it doesn't work out.

We've tried every single type of paper and foam available on the worldwide market, as well as every type of glue and fabric.

I even opened an online store where we sell exclusive European foam for flowers and offer master classes from our experts to make it easier for people.

Babesta: You’ve done some pretty impressive projects – can you tell us about them? 

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And FlowersSure! I’m extremely proud to have been chosen by incredible companies such as the Met Gala, Dior, American Dream, Manolo Blahnik, Amazon, and Google, just to name a few.

Most of these clients came to me through recommendations from past clients. If you do your work right, your clients will do the marketing for you. It has been an amazing experience working on these very interesting projects! 

Babesta: You also do workshops for kids –how does that work? Do you also do birthday parties?

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And FlowersYes, we host master classes for both adults and kids, suitable for almost any type of event. It's a truly great activity and useful skill, and I ensure it's interactive and fun.

Usually, clients send me requests with the date, location, type of party, and number of attendees. We then suggest the flowers to create and provide an offer. 

Babesta: I know you’re using all eco-friendly materials – tell us what you’re doing to be sustainable and what that means to you.

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And FlowersAt Paper&Flowers, sustainability is at the core of our business. We use eco-friendly materials for our creations, ensuring that our products are not only beautiful but also kind to the planet.

This includes sourcing recyclable and biodegradable papers and using non-toxic, water-based dyes. Sustainability means making conscious choices that reduce our environmental impact while maintaining high-quality craftsmanship.

It involves a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in our processes. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and methods, we aim to inspire others in the industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

For us, being sustainable is about creating art that not only brings joy but also respects and preserves the natural world for future generations.

Babesta: How does it feel when people see your magical floral displays? How do you get inspired?

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And FlowersAwesome! Sometimes I create decorations for public events, and I'm able to see people's reactions. It's amazing to know that what we make brings so much joy, amazement, and genuine impressions!

That's also my best inspiration. Speaking of inspiration in general, now that I have a whole local team making flowers, I'm mostly focused on CEO tasks. So, instead of relying on inspiration, I lean on discipline. 

Babesta: Do you have a favorite garden in the city or special place of inspiration? What makes it so special?

Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paper And FlowersI draw inspiration from the city itself. I love the tempo, energy, and pulse of life here. NYC inspired me 8 years ago to leave my settled, successful life behind, pack one suitcase, and come here to follow my dreams. The city continues to inspire me every day. 

Some of my special places include the Roxy and Django in Tribeca, where I love to relax with a glass of wine and listen to jazz. The Metropolitan Museum is another favorite for finding artistic inspiration.

I also enjoy getting lost in the streets of Soho, walking to Little Italy for the best coffee and gelato, and for a deeper recharge, I head to Rockaway Beach for a few days.

I lived there for two years, and I love taking my surfboard out and soaking in the ocean and the California vibes. . . 

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