Must Visit: The Wild Couch Party at Fosun Plaza, NYC

Summer is for R&R --- relax, kick back, and reconnect with friends. In that spirit, you'll want to be sure to check out The Wild Couch Party at Fosun Plaza NYC this summer. We are big fans of Gillie and Marc, the British and Australian artists behind the irresistible bronze animals you see popping up around cities around the world. The latest menagerie is relaxing together on a downtown sofa, just waiting for you to join them!

But more than the sculptures themselves, we love the messaging and the lessons behind these eye-catching scenes. The duo points out that sitting on a sofa and sharing time with others, is a simple intimate experience that not all creatures can enjoy. The twelve featured in this sculpture, for instance --- a hippo, Masai giraffe, African elephant, Bengal tiger, koala, chimp, Grevy's zebra, Northern white rhino, lion, mountain gorilla, orangutan and Arabian Red Fox --- cannot as they are facing extinction and are struggling to even survive. 

Gillie and Marc position familiar figures Rabbitwoman and Dogman as hosts to  these animal guests, showing love and acceptance, with the hopes to urge humankind to take action and protect these beautiful creatures. It certainly can  spark some pretty important family conversations about our responsibilities to those with whom we inhabit the earth and what we can do to help. 

The Wild Couch Party, Fosun Plaza, 28 Liberty Street NYC. Ongoing June 9, 2024-May 28, 2025 

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