Presto Chango! Our Favorite Convertible Cribs That Do More!

Transformers . . . more than meets the eye! No, we're not talking robots in disguise here. We're talking cribs. 

First of all, if your crib transforms into a toddler bed with the addition of  a conversion kit (1+ lower sides), we say . . . that's nice. But expected.

But what if we told you that the crib turns into a sofa, or your bassinet can become a crib, toddler bed, or daybed? Now we're talking. We're putting a spotlight on a few models that are pretty ambitious in terms of all that they can do.

Here are four of the best examples of smart nursery furniture! Take a look!

Novella by Nurseryworks

Novella Crib by Nurseryworks

Its party trick: After using it as a crib, transform it into a sofa!

We think this crib is pretty darn groovy. Made by Nurseryworks, renowned for their beautiful design sensibility, eco-friendliness and high quality, the Novella Crib is a head turner. But beyond its obvious stylistic attributes, it's smart. When you're done using it as a crib or toddler bed (there's a separate toddler conversion kit), you can choose to transform it into a sofa. Yes, you heard that right. 

Novella Crib transformed into reading nook

Novella Crib, $1300. Reading Nook Cushion, $500 (sold separately).

Yuzu by Babyletto

Its party trick: This can start as a bassinet, but then transforms into a midi size crib, and then a standard full size crib. After that, it can even become a junior bed!

We're digging the new Yuzu by Babyletto. It's a crib that does it all. Starting as a bassinet, it can then be remade into the transitional midi size.

Yuzu bassinet by Babyletto

These two stages are great when baby is the smallest. Even for city dwellers, fitting the bassinet or midi crib in your bedroom (as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for the first 6 months to a year) is not much of a hassle.

Yuzu  by Babyletto

After that, remake it into a full-size crib. And if that's not enough, it can also transform into a junior bed.

Yuzu junior bed

With the purchase of the Yuzo, you get all conversions for these different stages included so you really have some fantastic flexibility! 

Yuzo $599-$699

Fawn by Oeuf

Fawn crib and bassinet

Its party trick: The Oeuf Fawn will start off as a bassinet, and then when the baby's ready, you can remake it into your full size crib. 

We always love the beautiful workmanship of Oeuf, the Brooklyn based, French born, Estonia made furniture company. Their elegant designs, high quality material and excellent customer service never disappoint. One of their innovative options is the Fawn. This can first be made into the bassinet on castors.

Fawn bassinet

It's super portable and easy. Once baby grows out of that, leverage the two sides to make the full size  crib.

Oeuf Fawn crib

With the purchase of an extra toddler conversion kit, you can use the Fawn from newborn to about four years old.

Fawn, $1085

Gelato by Babyletto

Gelato crib by babyletto

Its party trick: The Gelato by Babyletto can go from crib to toddler bed to daybed to full sized bed (full size requires purchasing an extra piece)

Here's another option from our friends at Babyletto: The Gelato (yum). Besides the cute-as-a-button feet that can be candy colors or chic gold, this crib has a lot of different conversions. It can start as a crib, and then convert to a toddler bed or a daybed.

Gelato by babyletto with toddler rail

Gelato by Babyletto

After that (with the addition of an extra piece that you'll have to purchase separately) remake it into a full sized bed! Voila!

Gelato by Babyletto in full bed

Gelato Crib $399

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