Spring is Springing at Babesta! Welcome Sustainable Kids Clothing by Bobo Choses SS24

We are very excited to welcome the SS24 collection of sustainable kids clothing by Spanish brand Bobo Choses!

BC Colorful sweatshirt

Bobo Choses has been doing it since 2008, offering sustainable separates in whimsical designs and fanciful colors to the delight of children and their parents alike. Not only clothing manufacturers (who produce in Spain in an old toy factory steps from the Mediterranean), they are also storytellers.

girl in rainbow tee by bobo choses

The story this season is A Folk Song, and it plays on folk traditions of all sorts, including (and most obvious in our selection) music! You'll find drums and acoustic guitars, ribbons and flowers decorating this whimsical collection of organic cotton separates.

girl wearing ribbon bow bathing suit by bobo choses

Confetti all over swimsuit by bobo choses boy wearing play that drum tee and harem pants by bobo choses

The designs of course had us all at hello, but it's the ethos of this brand that makes us smile even bigger. We're impressed by Bobo Choses for their commitment to the environment and for the generations to come. Let's take a look at some of the things this small batch clothing brand is doing:

  • First, in their effort to keep their sustainable kids clothing living up to the highest standards, they have managed to expand their overstock materials lifecycle. We all know that when you cut and sew clothing there can be material left over. Bobo Choses has created a permanent collections using these remnants, rescuing these delightful fabrics for future use!
  • They always strive to replace conventional materials with more sustainable ones with a lower impact on human health. They are using organic cotton and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) 
  • Their technical fabrics use recycled polyamide and recycled polyether for outerwear, reducing the waste and giving new life to these already-in-circulation materials
  • Bobo Choses only works with suppliers and manufacturers who are like-minded as to sustainable kids clothing efforts. Suppliers have to abide by their Code of Conduct, with regard to fair labor and a safe working environment. 
  • Clothing is free from dangerous chemicals, ensuring garments are healthy for babies' health, workers' health, animal welfare and the planet.
  • Everything's made locally, generally between Spain and Portugal, with most of the collection produced less than 10km from the headquarters.

kid wearing play the drum tee by bobo choses

Wondering how you can be part of the virtuous cycle of sustainable kids clothing? We're glad you asked (as are our friends at Bobo Choses)

  • Take good care of your Bobo Choses clothes and follow the instructions printed on the tag inside for care
  • After your little one (and their sibs) grow out of them, either donate them to other family members or friends, donate them to NGOs, or resell them (you'd be surprised at how in-demand these unique designs are!)
  • Demand sustainability from all of our fashion needs -- both for your children and yourself. That means better materials, higher quality workmanship, and more durable garments that will last a long, long time!

For sustainable kids clothing to make an impact we all need to do our part! So do your part this season and shop with  your values!

kid wearing bobo choses ss24 collection

Bobo Choses is a great brand to get behind as they offer it all: the fun fashions, authentic storytelling,  high quality garments in the best materials, that will sustain wash after wash looking standing up and looking great.   

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