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Stay up Late for Midnight Moment

midnight moment

Wipe the sand out of your eyes and head on over to Times Square before midnight (by 11:57 to be precise). Worry not: there will be no glass slippers lost or pumpkin-carriages—here you will get the awe-inspiring experience of witnessing all of the advertisements in their bright disparate colors and styles disappear, to be replaced by a coordinated 3 minute art show. This billboard takeover is called Midnight Moment, and is the longest running synchronized digital public art exhibition. This year, Midnight Moment is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a line up of 12 women artists to be featured in this uniquely awesome display. Artists will include Joan Jonas, Sofia Crespo, LaJune McMillan, Nancy Baker Cahill and Kilo Kish. An estimated 1.5 million people see Midnight Moment yearly, and during the past 10 years, art stars like Nick Cave, David Hockney and Yoko Ono have had their moment in the bright neon lights of the iconic location. For the month of May, check out Sofia Crespo’s Critically Extant, a look at the natural world—flora and fauna—considering how little we really know of much of the life around us. Find out about the latest installations at Times Square Arts. Enjoy!

photo courtesy of Times Square Arts.

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Stay up Late for Midnight Moment