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All I can say is Wow! Babesta’s newest pick is something that we spotted years ago and finally tried: Perfect Picnic NYC. This is a great way to do a baby shower, a birthday party or just a date-afternoon! [This was a birthday!] When we arrived at 100th and CPW, we found the most beautiful spread and the folks from PPNYC there waiting for us. A silver bucket with Prosecco, lemonade and waters, a cheese board, veggie board, salad, sandwiches and chips, and of course a dessert board with strawberries, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. The picnic blanket was a cute amalgam of several blankets giving us lots of room to lounge. Pillows were propped up in the corners coupled with parasols, making it super insta-worthy, if you’re into such things. Wooden trays and bowls, and modern ceramic plates all gave it a sweet, timeless vibe. I have to say that there’s nothing more delightfully indulgent than lounging around Central Park, checking out the squirrels and birds, the copious amounts of dogs enjoying late afternoon strolls and fellow picnic goers. For out picnic, we outlawed phones, even books in favor of some good old fashioned conversation. The best yet: at the end of the two hour picnic, you just up and leave—the folks from Perfect Picnic do all the cleaning up. Perfect indeed!

perfect picnic nyc

perfect picnic
perfect picnic nyc sandwiches 
 I thought I'd catch up with the Perfect Picnic team and get the scoop!

BabestaWe just enjoyed a birthday picnic the other day for an adult's birthday and couldn't help but think this was a great idea for a kids birthday too! Do you do kids' birthdays too? 

Perfect Picnic:  Picnics are a popular past time because they are fun for every age and occasion. We think it is an experience that older guests can feel some nostalgia towards and younger party goers find it unique and special compared to more traditional party venues. Obviously during and post pandemic our picnic experiences were a great way to celebrate outside with plenty of space. It is outdoors so no frantic cleaning before or mess after for the host! We literally do everything for the setup and clean up and we provide a traditional menu that includes our baguettini sandwiches, salad and lemonade but also slightly elevated with various platters of cheese and crudite and dessert. There is a rising cost to everything these days and birthday parties are no exception. Our picnics offer an opportunity to celebrate with a really special experience that can be curated for almost any budget. We have had customers pull out all the stops and bring in magicians, and face painters and half a circus but my personal favorites are typically the most simple. Beautiful blankets, cozy pillows, family, friends, and of course great food in the greatest city! 

perfect picnic nyc family party

photo courtesy of Perfect Picnic NYC

Babesta: What about baby showers - can you tell us about events like this?

Perfect Picnic NYC: Baby showers, bachelorette parties all kinds of events follow the same premise. We have options of pink, blue and neutral and we set up the picnic like we would any other event (often including a chair depending how far along the mother to be is). Typically for these events the customer has additional items like balloons or centerpieces. We try to coordinate colors but Really the beauty of the picnic is that it lends itself to anything extra the customer wants to include.

perfect picnic nyc

photo courtesy of Perfect Picnic NYC

Babesta: How did it all begin? What sparked the idea?

Perfect Picnic NYC: When Perfect Picnic  first started 11 years ago it was with the vision of taking a moment for yourself…it was a short walk to taking a moment with friends 2 is always better than one and why not more? It was a natural progression for us and the truth is people didn’t want to lug everything into the park and we are happy to do it :)


Babesta: Where can we do it? All in Central Park? Or other places in the city? And I noticed you also do it in Sag Harbor! Can  you tell us about this?

Perfect Picnic NYC: In the busiest season we try to stay in Central Park! It is the perfect landscape for a picnic and it is arguably the most iconic park in the world. We pinch ourselves everyday that it is our office. In the early spring and fall we will visit the Piers but in season it is logistically challenging. Sag Harbor is its own unique destination. All the beauty of our familiar picnics but on the water toes in the sand! We recently partnered with the Plaza that pairs the perfect picnic experience with a helicopter ride to Sag Harbor adding an additional layer of luxury!

Babesta: Wow! Eloise would definitely approve!

Perfect Picnic NYC in the Hamptons

photo courtesy of Perfect Picnic NYC

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