The New Lux Lightweight: Coya by Cybex

Coya stroller by Cybex

We admit it. We're smitten. The new Coya lightweight travel stroller by Cybex is nothing if it's not luxury. If we're traveling with this one, we better be going chic. There's just something about that rose gold frame . . . 

But it's not just a looker. This stroller packs a punch when it comes to smart design. The fold is one-handed to start with, which means you can hold the baby with one hand and fold with the other. It's overhead compartment compatible, so you shouldn't have to check it (always check the rules of the carrier you're flying though!).

Cybex Coya stroller being placed in the overhead compartment on an airplane

It's also travel ready, as you are able to easily click your Cybex car seat into it so you can go from your Uber to stroll to the gate, onto the plane, fly, stroll, back to Uber again. You get the picture. It's easy. 

Coya stroller with car seat by cybex

We also love the one pull harness which will tighten the straps to keep your baby or toddler super safe as you jet from here to there. And the canopy itself is UPF 50+, and also features a mesh panel for great breathability and air flow. 

For $499.95+, we think this is a smart and stylish choice for all of your summer travel. Wherever this stroller is going is sure to be fabulous. If you get an extra ticket, we're happy to tag along!

Available in 5 colors: Black, Grey, White, Pink and Leaf Green. Frames can be Rose Gold, Black Matte, or Chrome.


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