The Priam: Compatibility for versions, Babesta Breaks it Down!

Cybex Priam with Bassinet

We won't let you lose your cool!

We know, it’s maddening to try to understand what goes with what when stroller companies release a new improved version.  Even our heads spin sometimes! In a perfect world it’s all seamless, but necessary improvements sometime necessitate small changes that cause some misalignment in terms of compatibility. As the Priam is one of our most popular strollers at Babesta, we wanted to make sure that everyone had it made in the shade when figuring out if they can get that new seatpack or accessory – or if they need more parts to make it work! Hope this helps!

Priam 1,2,3 Bassinet/Carrycot: All will function with all Priams, without the need of an adapter. You can use your bassinet on the Priam 1,2,3,4!  No problem.

Priam 4 Bassinet/Carrycot: This does not come with an adapter, and must be used with the Maxi Cosi car seat adapter which is included in the Priam 4 chassis package. Therefore if you have a Priam 1,2,3, you can use the Priam 4 Carrycot, but must get the necessary car seat adapter so that it will attach.

Priam 1,2,3,4 Chassis come with the bellybar. The bellybar of Priam 1,2,3 will only function on carrycot 1,2,3. This bellybar is LARGER than the Priam 4 bellybar. There is no compatibility of bellybars.

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