Unveiling the Bugaboo Kangaroo (Coming later this year!) & More! PART 1

We just got back from the ABC Kids Expo show in Las Vegas and got to see all that's new in the world of baby gear! Here's a breakdown of some of the most exciting things!

Note some of these will be coming out later in the year and for some we have limitations on how much we can say. Enjoy the future of baby!

1. Bugaboo Kangaroo

bugaboo kangaroo stroller

The first model that caught our eye was the Bugaboo Kangaroo. We've long been asking when they will get in on the Single to Double In-Line game. In true Bugaboo fashion, the Bugaboo Kangaroo is sleek and well designed, offering a great front-back option for growing families. 

bugaboo kangaroo stroller

As a single, it's pretty similar to the Fox 5, though you'll notice that the frame is even more stylish. But the coolest things happen when you make this a double. Unlike many strollers, you're able to put bassinet in the upper position, giving parents peace of mind that they can see their little one. 

Only 19.5 inches wide, the stroller is easy to navigate on city streets, in shops and restaurants. Note, however, if you're a parent of twins, you'll probably want to stick with the Donkey or Vista, as the Kangaroo won't allow for two bassinets. 


2. UppaBaby Convertible Car Seat

Uppababy Rove Convertible car seat

UppaBaby also unveiled their new convertible car seat which improves upon the Knox, making it very easy to install! Anytime you make a car seat easier to install, we're going to sing your praises!

Meet the UppaBaby Rove, in new colorways, easy installation and lower profile. This one isn't expected until 2025, but is a good option for convertible car seat to look forward to. 

3. Babyark Convertible Car Seat

Babyark convertible car seat

We had heard about this a bit ago when they launched, but were impressed to see it in person. The Convertible Car Seat by Babyark is quite an engineering feet. It's only something that can be considered for those of you with cars, but the military technology used to make this car seat as safe as can be was truly impressive. 

Now, this being said, the car seat's price is also impressive, starting at $990. This comes with a base and load leg, and features energy absorption technology ("pioneered by the military"), side impact protection, Jolt-free headrest, ergonomic design and lots of sensors and the like to ensure you install and use it correctly, keeping your little one safe. 

Because there's no foam used in this car seat, there is no expiration date. Fabrics are FR Free as well! All in all, expensive but, if you drive alot and have your own car, a worthy option!

Stay tuned for more updates from our adventure at ABC Kids Expo!



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