Weekend Pick: The Orchid Show: Florals in Fashion

The Orchid Show: Florals in Fashion at the New York Botanical Garden, Collina Strada by Hillary Taymour
The Orchid Show, Florals in Fashion, Collina Strada by Hillary Taymour
Want to know what we're doing this weekend? We're heading up to the Bronx to see The Orchid Show: Florals in Fashion at the New York Botanical Garden. The show will be on until April 21st, so you have a few more weeks to check out these very NYFW-ready blooms! The inventive exhibit features dramatic and fashion forward designs from Collina Strada by Hillary Taymour, Dauphinette by Olivia Cheng and FLWR PSTL a.k.a. Kristen Alpaugh. 
As you take in the sartorial scene your kiddos will be dazzled by the creativity and color that abound -- and may likely be inspired to walk the runway and strike a pose amidst all of this beauty brought to life by a trio of rising design stars. 
The orchids used to craft these floral fashions (the NYBG call them the "divas of the plant world") include some iconic and rare specimens from the Botanical Garden's collections as well as renowned growers from around the world. Along with the blooming divas there's a supporting cast: the epiphytic cacti, carnivorous nepenthes, air plants and more. 
The Orchid Show, Florals in Fashion, FLWR PSTL a.k.a. Kristen Alpaugh
The three designers behind these floral frocks are up-and-comers who should be on your fashion (and flora) radar! Hillary Taymour is the founder and creative director of Collina Strada, "a fashion platform dedicated to promoting climate and social awareness and fostering self-expression." Olivia Cheng is the designer and founder of Dauphinette,  known for its use of preserved botanicals to create upcycled fashion. Kristen Alpaugh is a botanical artist behind Haus of Stems, the world's first on-demand botanical art atelier. 
A quick suggestion: You might want to dress in your own fabulous florals to keep it festive! Spring has definitely sprung!
New York Botanical Gardens, Haupt Conservatory Palms of the World Gallery until April 21, 2024. Find out more and get your tickets here.

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