20% off Spot on Square April 12-21

Spot on square crib and 20% off April 12-21, 2024
Another Earth Day sale alert! Take 20% off Spot on Square's beautiful furniture collection from April 12-21. We love Spot on Square for their gorgeous designs --- the work of husband and wife team Robert and Nicole Springer as well as the focus on craftsmanship, safety and sustainability. Not only furniture, they also have a range of gorgeous organic bedding to complement!
roh crib by spot on square
Let's step through 8 of our favorite products by this European-manufactured brand.
1/ The Roh Crib
roh crib by spot on square
The Roh Crib by Spot on Square was the original using modern acrylic material, giving you an easy view of your bundle of joy. This comes in one-side acrylic as well as two-side acrylic, the later of which gives extra lightness to the room. This uses durable half-inch, BPA free, phthalate free, 100% recyclable, clear acrylic framed by inch thick solid hardwood. $1868-$2340.
2/ The Roh Dresser
roh crib by spot on square
The Roh Dresser is the perfect companion to the Roh Crib. It's elegant and well made with green grade eco-MDF from 100% recycled/reclaimed wood. There are 3 deep drawers with self closing/soft close drawer slides. This dresser can come in 34" or 45" and an additional changing tray can be combined with it making it a perfect diaper changing solution for your little one. $1148-$1340.
3/ The Reverie Crib
reverie crib by spot on square
What's cool about the Reverie Crib by Spot on Square is that every acrylic rail is custom molded to provide a wave like form that flows around the crib. It's made of a BPA free, phthalate free, 100% recyclable clear acrylic framed with 1" thick solid hardwood. $1390.
alto dresser by spot on square
4/ The Alto Dresser
Simple and light thanks to its raised metal legs, the Alto Dresser is an easy add to any nursery. It comes in both a 34" size and 45" size, depending on the space you have in your room.  The three deep drawers have a self-close soft close. A removable changing tray is available as an additional option. This can be in all white, or with birch or walnut drawer fronts. $1264 - $1456.
5/ Tops Organic Fitted Sheet
tops sheet by spot on square
We love this pop of yellow in the Tops Crib Sheet by Spot on Square for baby's room. So bright & cheery. Also comes in neutral grey. Made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton percale with organic dyes/pigments. $55.
6/ Hashtag Organic Fitted Sheet
Hashtag sheet by spot on square
This GOTS certified Hashtag Crib Sheet by Spot on Square is an organic cotton percale fitted crib sheet will give a nice pop of color to a baby's nursery. Fits standard crib mattresses. $55.
7/ Tops Organic Quilt
Tops Quilt by Spot on Square
The Tops Organic quilt (in grey or yellow) is perfect for a modernist nursery. Made of GOTS certified cotton twill and organic dyes.  $85.
8/ Hashtag Organic Quilt
Hashtag Quilt by Spot on Square
We love this Hashtag Quilt for baby's room because it's made of a GOTS certified organic cotton twill, uses organic dyes and pigments, and is made using sustainable practices. Oh, and it's gorgeous to boot! 36"x44". $85.

Now you see why we're so excited about this 20% off sale? Stylish and sustainable, Spot on Square blends modern style with modern sensibility!

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