Introducing the Registry Loft @ Babesta

We've got a new functionality on the site & shop, that we're trying out.

We know it's increasingly hard to see anything in person before purchasing it. We also know the time, expense and frustration in purchasing something that doesn't fit your needs. This is even more important in the baby world, where you're choosing products for them and for your new life together.

As a multi-brand store, we take pride in the fact that we not only show you the goods but we also help you compare them against one another. We've chosen everything in store because we love it, but that doesn't mean everything's going to be right for you. You have to think about your home, your lifestyle, budget and priorities and then weigh the options. We will always help you do that!

To help in this way, now all of the strollers, carriers, gear and furniture are able to be "Booked" in our Registry Loft. That means, you will know what's on the floor for your to see/try, so you don't waste a trip! Bookings mean that we'll have the models ready and waiting for you and an associate ready to walk you through. This will make your exploration of the baby world efficient and productive, and if we have anything to do with it, fun!

We'll happily entertain parents' groups as well! If you want to book a time outside of the times offered in our calendar, just ask. We will normally be able to accommodate. 

How do you do it? Go to our homepage, and click on "Registry Loft". This will take you to the models that are currently on the floor at Babesta. Then, choose an item, and instead of clicking "add to cart", below that, click on "see.learn.try!"  

Put in all your details including the day you want to come to see/test out your chosen model. If you want to choose a few different things, just keep "shopping" the registry loft page, until you got all of the models you want in your "cart". Then we'll see you at the appointment!

This will be a nice jumping off point, and will allow you to know, before you head over to us, that you'll get the experience with the products that you're looking for. Once you're here and we get to know you and your lifestyle, we can also introduce you to other choices that might be worth considering!

If you decide on a model, you can purchase and take advantage of all of Babesta's services, like hold it til you need it, white glove, free stroller assembly, stroller training and more! 

At Babesta, we're here on your journey before the baby and after, always happy to help you think out what you need, train you on it, and support you post sale in case you have any questions or issues with any of your products. You're always welcome to wheel in and we'll help you figure it all out.

So try our new Registry Loft and let us know how you like it! And, if there are models that you really want to see on the floor and try in person, let us know this as well! We will always try to accommodate!

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