Rainbow Connection: Happy Pride!

A rainbow colored assortment of Jellycat

We've brought together some of our favorite rainbow themed goodies in the shop as we celebrate PRIDE in NYC. Love Wins!

1. We can always trust OOLY with their rainbow colored markers and pens. Test your creativity with these vivid hues!

Ooly coloring goods

2. Developmental milestones, we got you: Fat Brain Toys will help you crush them. These colorful toys celebrate all that you can achieve when you put your mind to it. 

fat brain toys

3. The Itzy Ritzy line has a plethora of activity toys featuring rainbows in subdued hues. Tres chic!

itzy ritzy stroller toys

4. We can't forget fashionable rainbows in our collections. Queue up the Bobo Choses Rainbow Sweatshirt, or the Molo rainbow-hued swimsuit and sweatshirt, and the Tia Cibani Tee!

Pink Lemonade Rainbow Pillow

5. The list could not be complete without Pink Lemonade's Rainbow Knit Pillow!

Rainbow pillow on a bed

And one last pick to round out the list: I Am Me, A Book of Authenticity.

I am me book

This sweet tale celebrates YOU being YOU. Babesta supports all of our colleagues, shoppers and friends to be authentically yourselves, no ifs, ands, or buts!

Shop the Rainbow!



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