RebelStork Trade In Program For Gently Loved Baby Gear (Earn A Babesta Gift Certificate!)

Various Gear Eligible for Rebelstork Trade In

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with RebelStork, a gear resale site that has been operating in Canada and has now made its way to the Big Apple!

We know, as New Yorkers, that space is at a premium. How many times to we hear of someone's baker's dozen of strollers at home? At a median of $1900/square foot? YIKES! No more!

Now, you can fill out a form, wheel your old stroller down to Babesta for drop off, and (within 5-10 business days) get a gift card for up to 80% of the its assessed value. 

We've long advised clients to buy what's best for their current situation and then sell it when their circumstances change! Now it's easier than ever!

If you're already ready, start your trade-in now

But, if you want the deets, let's walk you through the basics!

  • Check out RebelStork's list of preferred gear, located at the bottom of our landing page. If it's on this list, it's fair game! Although you didn't have to buy it at Babesta to trade it in at Babesta, note that the list features most of the premium, best loved brands like Bugaboo, Cybex, Uppababy and more. There are a few that are considered MVPs, eligible for up to 80% off, but    the general 'better' baby market, over $250 of value, generally offers 70% of confirmed value (the estimator is just that, and note this is DYNAMIC pricing so it goes up and down throughout the day, but only will lock in when RebelStork does quality check (for credit) or when it sells (for cash)). 
  • Fill out the form. Note, they're only taking goods from 2018 and later, so check the manufacture year to see if your gear is eligible. Also note, no car seats! You'll have to know the date of manufacture to fill out the "year" and then you'll pre-assess the condition. We suggest being real about this, just to manage your own expectations. When Rebelstork picks up from Babesta, they will run their own assessment of the stroller to confirm or adjust. **If it's older than stated, or in poor/broken/incomplete/non-salable condition, it will be available for pick up if you'd like to retrieve it or it can be donated. 
  • Bring it in on a Tuesday anytime, or other convenient date as arranged! We're thrilled to help you on your journey of decluttering and doing your part! We'll tag your goods and RebelStork will come pick it up from us. In about 5-10 days you'll get an assessment price, of which you'll earn a percentage in cash or credit. If you choose cash, you can make an account with them to see its listing price and sales activity. Everything is completely transparent!

A couple notes to ensure a swift and easy-to understand process! 

MANUFACTURE DATE: This will be on your warranty or with your original sale materials. Note this is not purchase date, though that should give you a guide!

CONDITION GUIDE: Rebelstork offers this nifty condition guide that can help guide your self-assessment. Remember, you have to have all the parts!

  • OVERSTOCK - Item is unused with tags in original sealed box. Box may have slight damage.
  • OPEN BOX - Item is unused with tags in an open box or bagged. If a floor model, item may have slight scuffs due to handling
  • EXCELLENT - Item is used, slight scuffs, scratches, fading & wear, all parts are present*
  • GREAT - Item is used, moderate scuffs, scratches, fading & wear, all parts are present*
  • GOOD - Item is used, prominent scuffs, scratches, fading & wear, all parts are present*

 babesta gift card

WHY GIFT CARDS ARE A GREAT CHOICE! Rebelstork's REV algorithm will estimate the value of the stroller, of which you will get up to 80% off after confirmation of condition. How cool is that! Note, though, this amount is always fluctuating, so if you use a gift card options (below) you lock in a value. If you choose cash, the value will be determined at the time of sale. Depending on how long it takes to sell, it might need to be marked down, and if it doesn't sell, you will have the choice to take it back or donate it. 

  • Schedule your drop off at Babesta! Tuesdays or other, by appointment.
  • Watch your item sell to another happy family!

Want all the details? Start your journey here! 

How will I be paid? 
You have a choice! You can choose cash or a gift card. Note, as said above timing may be different between these options:

Babesta Gift Card: If you have something in mind, gifts to get, or even if you have no idea (gift cards never expire!), a Babesta Gift Card is a perfect choice! You will get the gift card 5-10 days after dropping off your stroller or gear, once Rebelstork picks up and assesses it. This amount will be emailed to you and Babesta will issue  the gift card. As an additional convenience, as we know that some people will want to trade a stroller and buy a new stroller, we can retroactively apply the gift card after the purchase (only by prior arrangement, to goods purchased day of drop off), once the finalized amount comes in! 

Cash: Cash is another options here - however, cash will only be paid out upon sale of the item. Note it might have to be discounted further and therefore, the payout will be discounted as well. The estimate only serves as an approximation. Note, if the item does not sell in a timely manner, it may be returned, donated or recycled, in which case no payout will occur.

bugaboo fox stroller

Pro-Tips: Want to maximize the value of your gear? 

1. Make sure all gear is clean and free of stains and smells - machine wash all items that are safe to do so. If additional light cleaning is required by Rebelstork, a 4% Refresh Fee will be deducted. 

2. Include original box and instructions if available.

3. Double check that all parts are present, included and working

4. Check that your gear is no older than a 2018 manufacture date.

Refusals: If it doesn't meet quality check you will be alerted - for instance, if you forgot to give in a piece, etc! We'll all try to work with you to achieve the best end for your gear, your apartment and the environment! Pick ups and drop offs of goods are subject to a convenience fee.

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact a Babesta team member at 646 290 5508 and we'll try to address it promptly!

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