The Bees Knees! Alveole at BPC

Beekeeper and honey tasting in BPC

We were psyched to catch the presentation of an Urban Beekeeper from Alveole in Rockefeller Park in BPC today. There are hives all over the city as this urban bee movement takes hold --- which is a very good thing --- a key to sustainability and some pretty gosh darn good honey!

Bees in BPC

 We learned a lot but here are a few key facts:

  • NYC is home to over 200 different bee species
  • Italian bees are very docile!
  • Honeybees pollinate up to 1/3 of all agricultural crops (hence their great importance to all of us!)
  • There is a beehive in a planting bed along Rockefeller Park's northern end (near Chambers) that is home to more than 50,000 honeybees

Judging by the gorgeous flowers all over BPC, we'd say those bees are doing a pretty great job! Keep an eye out for the next Bee Event in BPC!

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