Pink White Smiley Cushion by Pink Lemonade
Pink White Smiley Cushion by Pink Lemonade

Knit Pink White Smiley Cushion

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Get ready to meet your new best buddies: the Smiley Cushions by Pink Lemonade! These vibrant and multi-colored cushions are the ultimate mood boosters. Made from cozy organic cotton knit, they bring a pop of cheer to any space.

With their adorable smiling faces, these cushions radiate positivity and happiness. Whether you're snuggling up with them, using them as colorful seating, or spreading joy as decor, the Smiley Cushions will instantly brighten your day.

Embrace the peppy vibes and surround yourself with the infectious energy of our multi-colored Smiley Cushions!

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Babesta came to help me when I was having trouble packing my Bugaboo Donkey when I was flying back home. Thank you Babesta!

Los Angeles, CA

My go-to baby gift is the Babesta Custom Gift Basket. It never fails to win the shower (not that I'm that competitive but . . . )

Greenwich, CT

When I went into labor early, Babesta delivered my car seat to the hospital. Now that's service.

New York, NY

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