Aer+ Bumper Bar
Aer+ Bumper Bar by Joolz
Aer+ Bumper Bar by Joolz
Aer+ Bumper Bar by Joolz
Aer+ Bumper Bar

Aer+ Bumper Bar

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For your little one’s extra comfort, you can choose to add an elegant bumper bar by  Joolz. Matching in color to your leatherette handlebar. With just one hand it’s easy to use, and you’re ready to continue on your way.

  • for an extra cosy & safe feeling ​
  • easy to open with one hand on both sides​
  • attach toys​
  • available in brown, mid brown and black carbon​
  • can fold with Joolz Aer+


      Note: Stroller sold separately.
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      Babesta came to help me when I was having trouble packing my Bugaboo Donkey when I was flying back home. Thank you Babesta!

      Los Angeles, CA

      My go-to baby gift is the Babesta Custom Gift Basket. It never fails to win the shower (not that I'm that competitive but . . . )

      Greenwich, CT

      When I went into labor early, Babesta delivered my car seat to the hospital. Now that's service.

      New York, NY

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