Babesta Breaks It Down: Bassinets 

Oeuf Fawn Bassinet in peaceful room

We know, city apartments are small and you don’t really want yet another piece of furniture. Especially one so short-lived! But trust us, having a bassinet is going to make your life more convenient when it comes to nighttime feedings.

Not only that, but the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that it’s safer if baby and you sleep in the same room for the first six months to a year. In fact they recommend it.

If you’re gonna share a room, these petite beds are the perfect choice for you and your new oh-so-cute roomie!  

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What Is A Bassinet?

Just so we’re all on the same page, a bassinet is just a small bed that is intended for a baby (generally) for the first 3-4 months. These are quite a bit smaller than cribs, and can be lighter, portable (via wheels) and (as all small things tend to be) cute.

Generally speaking the bassinet will be placed next to the parents’ bed so that nighttime feedings are easy peasy. You also have even more bonding time. Babies who use bassinets can also have an easier time with the crib, as they’ve had a few months to get their sleeping sea legs on in a cozier spot.

There are a couple different variations of bassinets. Some are just one-trick ponies: a tiny bed with a fixed base that can only be used before the baby can push themselves up, turn over or sit (whichever comes first).

Others have bases that can be lowered, giving baby a longer time in the mini-bed. If the base is adjustable downward, some of these bassinets can give your little one up to a year of use, jiving up with the AAP’s recommendations.

And still others can start as bassinets but convert into full size cribs, which is pretty cool, and efficient! We know as a New Yorker you value efficiency when it comes to these things! (This is a great item to put on your registry)!

Why Do I Need A Bassinet In The City? 

Parent looking at baby in Stokke Sleepi Mini bassinet

If you’re going to share a room, generally speaking, it’s easier to choose a bed for baby that has a small footprint and doesn’t take so much space. Your other choices include a mini-crib, or the crib itself. 

Another option is that baby sleeps in their nursery and you have a twin bed or the like in that room. You see, it’s the same problem of space. 

The good news is that you have quite a few options when it comes to bassinets so you can choose something that will work best with your lifestyle and space.

What Should I Look For In A Bassinet? 

If you’re going to go for a bassinet there are a couple features you can consider, especially if you're a city-dweller: 

  • Castors for portability: Some bassinets feature wheels so that it’s easy to transport the bassinet without lifting it. Talk about loft-friendly!
  • Mesh walls or walls that allow breathability: You always want to maximize airflow, so bassinets with mesh walls are great. 
  • A base that goes down for greater longevity: If you want baby to sleep in your room, choosing a bassinet that has a base that can be lowered means that baby can safely use the bassinet for a longer time. 
  • Bassinet doing double duty from your stroller: Some strollers’ bassinets are “overnight sleep ready” and can be unclicked from the stroller and clicked into the bassinet stand in your room, meaning a very efficient sleep system! (UppaBaby, we're looking at You!)
  • Convertible into a crib: For some bassinets there is also a “conversion kit” to leverage the bassinet pieces and transform the mini-bed into a regular sized crib. Voila!
  • Travel crib bassinets: Some mesh travel beds also include bassinet features so that it’s even more convenient when traveling with a small baby. 

Safe Sleep Tips

There are several rules when it comes to safe sleep and your baby. Babies should always sleep on their backs on a firm mattress, and there should be nothing in the crib with them. No blankets, no pillows, no toys for at least the first year. “Bare is Best”. 

Check the age and weight limit of your chosen bassinet and don’t exceed that. You never want baby to sleep in any product that reclines with an angle greater than 10 degrees like a rocker, bouncer or glider. Be sure to move your baby to their crib, bassinet, cradle, or play yard if they fall asleep elsewhere.

Safe sleep practices is super important, so it's good to share these with everyone in your household, from spouse to nanny so that you're all on the same page. 

Babesta’s Best Bassinets For The City

Baby Bjorn Cradle Bassinet

woman picking baby up out of Baby Bjorn Cradle bassinet

This is mesh and lightweight with a super-stable base. It’s easy to move from room to room and is uber breathable. It does not adjust, so it’s only used until baby can push up, turn over or sit, but it’s a great choice for those first months!

Stokke Sleepi Mini

Room with Sleepi Mini Bassinet

Stokke’s Sleepi Mini bassinet is as cute as they come. A small circular bed on castors, you can even get a sleep canopy or skirt to accessorize the adorable bed. When baby gets older, just refashion the bassinet with a conversion kit and you’ve got yourself a crib. 

Instead of round the larger crib is oval, and it tends to play very nice with NYC apartments as it feels a bit more petite than its rectangular counterparts. 

Bloom Alma Mini

Bloom Alma Mini Bassinet

Bloom’s Alma Mini has been a longtime favorite because it features an adjustable base and can be used up to a year. It’s also on castors making it easy and portable. It can even fold up, making it a nice option for grandma’s house or for summers out East. 

Babyletto Origami Mini Crib

Babyletto Origami MIni Crib

Babyletto also makes a similar model called the Origami. This mini-crib comes in tons of colors, is greenguard certified and folds up when not in use. 

Oeuf Fawn Bassinet/Crib

Oeuf Fawn Bassinet in a room

Oeuf’s Fawn Bassinet/Crib is a combo deal. When baby first arrives, use it as a bassinet. Once they’re bigger, you can refashion the bassinet into a crib by disassembling and reassembling with longer sides. 

The bassinet has castors and is easily portable. 

Nurseryworks Aura Bassinet

Nurseryworks Aura Bassinet

The Nurseryworks Aura is a super stylish option in rose gold. This is on castors and definitely makes a nice style statement in a nursery. 

Nurseryworks Vetro Mini Crib


Nurseryworks also makes the gorgeous Vetro Mini Crib that is a bit bigger than the Aura, but is cool modern choice in acrylic. The Vetro has an adjustable base so that you can get a bit more use out of it. 

Monte Rockwell Bassinet

Rockwell Monte Bassinet in room

Monte’s Rockwell bassinet is a sweet little bed only intended for those very first months. Designed and made in Canada, it has the highest quality materials. Newborns can use it until baby is 18 lbs or can roll over, push up or move around. This bassinet is also greenguard gold certified. 

Travel Cribs

Travel cribs also can have a bassinet level, making it extra convenient when traveling with a baby. Some of our favorite stroller companies have expanded into the travel crib space. 

Remi Travel Crib by UppaBaby

Remi Travel Crib by UppaBaby

We love the Remi Play Yard by UppaBaby, a travel crib that has all sorts of accessories. It’s super solid and can be used up to 3 years old. It’s always nice to be able to travel knowing baby’s in familiar space. The bassinet level and changing tray make it a perfect all-in-one. 

Stardust Play Yard by Bugaboo

Bugaboo Stardust Play Yard in bassinet formation

The Stardust Play Yard by Bugaboo is another great travel crib choice. You can use it at home or on the go. It features a newborn zip in bassinet that can hold up to 19.8 lbs. Of course as always a child who can push up, sit up or turn over should move out of the bassinet and into the regular Travel Crib

Sweet dreams

Bassinets at Babesta

As you see, there are lots of great choices when it comes to finding the right bassinet for your baby. You want to find something that has all the features that you’ll use, as in our mind, baby gear should always be making your life easier and less complicated. 

Safe sleep is the most important thing, so when baby’s eyes are drooping, it’s time to move them to their bassinet or crib, and out of anything that inclines or is not intended for sleep. Always best to have them in your room (but not in your bed) for the first 6-12 months. 

At Babesta, we’ll always have the latest selection of high quality, safe bassinets, cribs, and whatever other gear you need to get baby learning the ropes of living in the big city! From brands like Stokke, UppaBaby, Bugaboo, Bloom, Nurseryworks, Oeuf, Monte and more.

We are dedicated to teaching city families about the ins and outs of raising a baby in the city! From the best strollers, to the best car seats, to the best in cribs and nursery furniture, to the best toy storage, we will always have your back as you’re shopping the baby and children’s market, so that you never EVER lose your cool.

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