First Impressions: Cybex Coya Travel Stroller

Coya travel stroller by cybex

Summer is coming and that means summer travel! For those of you who are searching for a travel stroller that will amp up your style quotient, look no further than the Cybex Coya.

Although we posted about it before, we have only now received our first iteration of the fancy ride, so let’s make sure the marketing meshes with reality. Let the Unboxing Begin! In this article, we’ll give you our first impressions from unboxing to strolling it out the door. 

Spoiler alert! We love it.

What you’ll learn

The Features Of The Coya Travel Stroller

This stroller makes a very strong first impression. Especially in rose gold. It stands out from the crowd for its super stylish design, just in line with the Cybex Platinum Line: e.g. the Priam and the Mios. It makes a good looking companion to your primary stroller! But looks can only take you so far. Let’s check out the technical features!

First, the fold: It’s so intuitive. Usually with strollers there’s a learning curve to figure out how to do everything. Not for the Coya. I did it on my first try, with no videos or even clue what I was doing. Big plus. 
Coya Travel Stroller fold

Second, the carry strap: This is another place this stroller stands out. The carry strap is right where it should be and is cushy to boot. Slinging it on, the stroller feels nearly weightless on my shoulder (this is relatively speaking of course). 

Third, the recline: Wow, this recline is a snap. With some strollers you can struggle unthreading a strap to get the seat to recline. This is just a little button that you can pull and push up, easy peasy.

Coya stroller recline button


We like the recline to pass the sleeping kid test (would you wake them trying to adjust the seat)? This one passes with flying colors (meaning the answer is no!  Score one for a good afternoon nap!

Fourth, the no-rethread harness: This is pretty cool. Like the car seats, the Coya travel stroller features a no-rethread harness which is convenient (of course) as there’s no fiddling with the straps as baby grows. Buckle them up with the straps loosened and with one pull you can tighten to give your child the perfect fit!

Fifth, the value: This one is $499 for black or silver frames, and $549 for rose gold, and it comes with car seat adapters! Nice!

As for the other features everything is just what it should be

  • Underseat basket is good sized, certainly ample for a travel stroller
  • Seat is cushy and comfortable
  • Canopy is large, with a breezy panel and little visor
  • Integrated legrest
  • Breathable backrest

How The Coya Travel Stroller Compares

Here is a high level comparison of the Coya vs. some of the other MVPs.

cybex coya stroller vs babyzen yoyo stroller

Cybex Coya Vs. BabyZen Yoyo

Size: Yoyo is lighter by just under 1lb (13.7lbs YOYO vs 14.6lbs Coya)

Fold: Coya is easier and one-handed

Cybex coya stroller vs Bugaboo butterfly stroller

Cybex Coya Vs. Bugaboo Butterfly

Size: Coya is lighter and smaller, and there are more color options

 (17.3”x7.1”x20.5” Coya vs. 17.72”x9.06”x21.26” Butterfly)

Fold: Butterfly is easier to do one-handed and has longer canopy

Cybex coya stroller vs UppaBaby Minu stroller

Cybex Coya Vs. UppaBaby Minu

Size: Coya is smaller (20.5”x17.3”x7.1” Coya vs. 23”x12”x20.25” Minu)

Features: Minu has a bassinet option and better accommodates bigger kids

The Verdict On The Coya Travel Stroller

We love it. First of all, it’s the first one that matches Yoyo’s dimensional size, meaning it should be easy to get onto most flights. It is unique and beautiful looking and every detail has been thought through. 

This is a strong contender for MVP lightweight travel stroller, but of course, it will all depend on your needs and priorities. If you’re looking for a luxe lightweight to wow, you’ve found your ride!

Purchase Coya Travel Stroller here. Or register for it on your Babesta registry.

coya stroller by cybex

Ready For TakeOff

Now you’ve got the skinny on the latest travel stroller to hit the shop. Be sure to come in and give it a road test. We’ll teach you how to fold it and walk you though all the details. Then you can decide if it will be your plus one this summer!

Shopping strollers at Babesta is a must for city families who are trying to figure out the best fit for their lifestyle. First of all, we narrow the selection to what we think are the best in class, so you’re not overwhelmed. When you visit us, you can get hands on experience with the models you're considering and know you’re making the best decision. 

As always it costs the same with us, and we will put your stroller together for you and train you on it before you wheel out. City families, we have your back!





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