Infant Car Seat Awards! And the Baby Gear-Oscar Goes To . . .

In the spirit of Awards season, and the fact that we've just updated our Best of List for infant car seats, we'd like to offer up the following awards!

Best Infant Car Seat that's feather-light . . . Aria Infant Car Seat by UppaBaby

aria car seat by uppababy

At only 5.9lbs, you don't get much lighter than the UppaBaby Aria! If you think you might be carrying the car seat than light should be one of your priorities. Good news is that this little baby is chock full of safety features too. Read more about it here. If you're loving the UppaBaby line, and lightweight is your jam, look no further!

However, if you've decided that Uppa is your primary stroller but want to play the field with your lightweight stroller, keep in mind the Aria will not fit on other brands. If you're Uppa all the way, then go for it!

Best Infant Car Seat when Strolling . . . Cloud G Lux With Sensorsafe by Cybex 

cybex cloud g lux infant car seat

How nice is it when you're strolling around the city with your car seat + stroller frame combo that you can stretch out and relax, said a baby rolling around in the Cloud G Lux with Sensorsafe by Cybex. That's thanks to the lie flat recline (think British Airways business-first). This means you don't need to get a bassinet if it doesn't suit as you could roll them all day in their car seat thanks to this feature. (Normally babies shouldn't be in a car seat all day because most make them sit up. 2-3 hours is the recommendation). So that's a pretty sweet benefit. It does make it a bit heavier however, but you'll have it clicked to the frame so that may be NBD. Note, the lie flat feature is only for strolling, not for car rides! 

Best Infant Car Seat if it's Sunny out . . . Bugaboo x Nuna Turtle Air 

Bugaboo turtle air nuna

No one can deny, the paparazzi proof dream drape on Bugaboo and Nuna's collaborative car seat the Turtle Air is cool. This means baby can be off in dreamland as you trek around the city. This is a slick looking car seat with Bugaboo's elevated detailing. It works seamlessly with the whole Bugaboo stroller collection, and can be compatible with loads more because it's built to be "maxi cosi compatible." Of course look to the official compatibility chart to be sure!

Best Infant Car Seat for installation . . . Clek Liing

clek liing infant car seat

We love the Clek Liing for its ease of install. When you install with the base, it's normally a game of trial and error to get it at the right angle for baby to be safe.  The Liing allows post-install adjustments making it all sweat-free! Of course, it has all of the safety bells and whistles -- from European LATCH for easy and safe taxis to a load leg for stability. The other great thing about this one - it works with most of the premium strollers!

Best Infant Car Seat if you don't have a car . . . Clex Liingo

clek liingo car seat

This is a classic NYC situation. You need a car seat to leave the hospital but you don't have a car! Having a car seat's a must but most come with a base that will just take up precious square feet in your apartment due to the fact that you are a taxi/Uber family! The Liingo doesn't have a base but rather has integrated LATCH on the carrier itself. You can also install it with the seatbelt using the European Belt Router. Space saved without sacrificing safety! 

Best Infant Car Seat for an UppaBaby Only family . . . Mesa Max by UppaBaby

mesa max infant car seat by uppababy

We love the Mesa Max for its luxe flame retardant free fabrics and copious safety features. It works with the full range of UppaBaby strollers much like the Aria, and your little one can grow to 32" before they're out of this seat (so you can use it longer than the Aria which caps out at 30"). Again, you want to think of whether you're going all-in on UppaBaby when it comes to mobility. If the answer is yes, then go for it! The Mesa Max is an awesome car seat for you!

However, if you're considering other lightweight stroller options (and want to travel with them in the first year), know that this car seat is only compatible with the UppaBaby line. 

Best Infant Car Seat from car to street . . . Doona Car Seat/Stroller

doona infant car seat stroller

Now, it's easy enough to click your car seat to your stroller wheels, but . . . there's no denying that the all in one solution is super snazzy and simple. Just pop the wheels in and out depending if you're hailing a cab or strolling down the street. The Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller can be used with the base or without installing with the seat belt. 

Hope this helps you understand every one of these infant car seats' sweet spot! Like American Fiction, Anatomy of a Fall, Barbie, Killers of the Flower Moon, Maestro, Oppenheimer, Past Lives, Poor Things, The Holdovers and The Zone of Interest are all great movies, these car seats are all great in and of themselves. But, everyone will have to be their own judge for their own tastes and needs!

Questions or want to try them out? Just give us a buzz at 646 290 5508 or swing in and we can show you all the options in person!


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