New Seat On The Block: UPPAbaby Aria

Uppababy Aria infant car seat

We're singing the praises of the UPPAbaby Aria, the newest car seat in the block! What's so special about the seat? Well the first thing you'll notice is that it is super light! 

But even though the UPPAbaby Aria Infant Car Seat is a lightweight technically, it sure packs a punch with substance!

Weighing in at less than 6lbs, this infant car seat has tons of features that will make it a great choice to couple with your UPPAbaby Vista, Cruz, Minu, or Ridge

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uppababy aria infant car seat on cruz stroller

Features of UPPAbaby Aria Infant Car Seat - Carrier

The UPPAbaby Aria has lots of safety and convenience features. These include: 

    • European router for easy taxi and Uber rides — a must for NYC kids!
    • A snug and secure infant insert that can accommodate preemies from approximately 4lbs — great news for the wee ones!
    • An ergonomic carry handle so the seat is easy and comfortable to carry (always good!)
    • Greater head containment for side impact protection
    • No rethread harness for easy adjustments
    • A 5th anti-rebound handle position adding more safety features in the case of a rear end collision
    • Back panel ventilation so baby stays comfy!
    • Removable, machine-washable fabrics (very important!)
    • Fire-retardant free fabrics
    • FAA certification for air travel
    • Compatible with Vista, Cruz (no adapters), Minu, Ridge (adapters needed)

Features of UPPAbaby Aria Infant Car Seat - Base

Now let’s talk about the base of the UPPAbaby Aria. Remember, if you’re a New Yorker without a car, you’re not going to care about the base — it will live in your closet most likely, or at a parents’ house for easy visits.

But if you do have a car, installing the base in your vehicle makes any trips with baby in your car a snap! (Literally!)

Uppababy aria infant car seat

All bases are not created equal, so let’s look at what this new UPPAbaby Aria base offers:

  • Narrow 17” footprint, meaning that multiple car seats or more room for adults or “stuff” is maximized!
  • Base features a load leg for stability and energy absorption. This is a must, in our opinion, for any car seat!
  • Anti=Rebound + Panel for increased safety in rear impact accidents
  • SmartSecure ® System, with red-to-green visual indicator — anything that makes it easy and no-fail is a very, very good thing!
  • Auto-Retracting LATCH for effortless installation (yes please!)
  • Built in lock-off for secure seatbelt installation
  • Four-position adjustable foot for easy leveling to accommodate different seat angles (a good thing, as not all back seats are the same!)
  • Bubble indicators on both sides to show when the base is in the correct position for installation

So far, so good!

What's In The Box And Vital Stats

What you get in the UPPAbaby Aria box includes the car seat, base and infant insert. As for stats of the seat (height, weight and all that jazz), here goes:

How Long It Can Be Used: Approximately 0-1 years, until baby grows out of EITHER the max weight or max height below:

Weight Requirements: 4-30lbs

Height Requirements: 30” max height 

Infant Insert Specs: 2 piece infant insert for babies 4lbs-4 months with preemie cushion & back positioning insert

Weight of Carrier: 5.9lbs

Weight of Base: 12.6lbs

Dimensions of Carrier: 24.5”L x 17”W x 18.5”H

Dimensions of Base: 23.9”L x 14”W x 15.2”H

woman holding UppaBaby Aria infant car seat


Is The UPPAbaby Aria Infant Car Seat Right For You?

We always recommend some big picture thinking when choosing the best car seat for you, and project what that first year of life with baby looks like.

If you need something really light, as you think you'll be carrying your car seat often, this is the seat for you. 

You do have to keep in mind, however, that the UPPAbaby Aria will only work with your UPPAbaby strollers. The Ridge and Minu require an adapter while it can just click onto the Vista and Cruz. Our only reservation at the point is that if you have (or are planning to get) a lightweight stroller alongside your primary stroller, give some thought to whether you want it to be compatible with both strollers (unless you chose the Minu as your lighter weight stroller, you won’t be able to use this with your lightweight travel stroller). This is not compatible with the BabyZen Yoyo, Joolz Aer+, Cybex Coya, or Bugaboo Butterfly. If you do want something that works with both, we suggest the Clek Liing (if you have a car) or Liingo (if you don’t).  

But if the UPPAbaby family is for you, than skip the gym and get the Aria! The 6lbs weight has us singing as if we’re standing room only at the MET!

Shop the UPPAbaby Aria at Babesta or add it to your Babesta Registry or link us to your BabyList Registry today!

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