Rocking The Ridge: The UppaBaby Ridge Jogging Stroller

family pushing an Uppababy ridge stroller

For city folks, the jogging stroller can feel like a luxury. Who has enough space for a third stroller really? You have your primary stroller for day to day use, then your lightweight stroller for subways, taxis and other things-that-go. 

But what if we told you that the UppaBaby Ridge is more than just a jogger? It has all the bells and whistles you’d need as a primary as well. If hiking, running and off-roading is your speed, and you want a stroller that does it all – consider the UppaBaby Ridge for your primary stroller.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Jogging Stroller Basics

Want to get out on the road with your little one this fall? Getting your exercise in while cruising along the Hudson or weaving through paths at Central Park can be a great way to spend a morning with your baby in the city.

Man jogging with Uppababy ridge stroller


The breeze on their face, the exciting things to see: So what makes a jogging stroller a jogging stroller

Basically, a jogging stroller is just like your primary only it features three larger wheels rather than four smaller ones. These wheels are made of a durable rubber and the front wheel will be able to lock in place, making the ride more stable. 

Of course the suspension of a jogging stroller is also stepped up, given the given that you’re navigating uneven terrain when you’re out on a jogging path or road. The name of the game is that you want to keep baby stable and supported from mile one on. 

Child riding in Uppababy Ridge Stroller


Many joggers also have a hand brake as well as a foot brake, so that if you have to stop short you can do it quickly and easily. Often tires are air filled as those are thought of as giving a smoother ride (like a bicycle).

Note that for a jogging stroller, you should not use it for running until the baby is at least six months old and better to wait until they’re nine months old. Before that, use it as your regular around-town ride, easy peasy.

The reason for waiting to go on your first run together is because baby is just getting head and neck control by six months — as this is the age is when they are first able to sit up.

We think that giving them a couple extra months before running with them is good, as it gives them a little extra time to gain more strength, but if you're wondering if they're ready for their first jog, it's best to talk to your pediatrician!

Whenever you start hitting the jogging path with your little one, since a jogger can generally be used until they grow out of strollers, you'll have a lot of runs and sightseeing adventures to look forward to!

UppaBaby Ridge Jogging Stroller: Features

Uppababy Ridge stroller

We have a lot of families come in who are looking for a stroller that can do it all. Now, if you want something that is both a primary and a lightweight, those two categories that are pretty mutually exclusive. It can get done, but it’s a matter of compromise.

But, for those who are looking for a primary stroller that can also be a jogger, you’re in luck! Put on your Hokas and let's go!

Uppababy Ridge Stroller with bassinet


Here's the low-down on this adventure-loving stroller. We love the Ridge, as we think it's the best stroller for active families who want to run and hike, but who also have to navigate the city streets. Many joggers are good for runs but are too cumbersome in the city. The Ridge, however, is just right for both purposes.

The Ridge is also good from Day 1 which is pretty cool (many joggers can't accommodate infants for simple strolling around town). The stroller allows you to add a bassinet to the frame, making a great newborn solution for the first three to six months. There are also car seat adapters for on-the-go.

After six months, baby can sit in the seat and it’s fair game to hit the road for some exercise for you and some sightseeing for them. 

Although the Ridge Jogging Stroller is not quite as compact as many primaries due to its larger wheels, it still is quite manageable as a primary stroller and, may we say its suspension is divine!

Uppababy Ridge Stroller folded

Here are a few features of the Ridge that make it a great overall stroller. 

  • Simple Foot Brake System: The red pedal is 'stop,' the green is ‘go’. If you’re walking around the neighborhood you’ll probably use the foot brakes. However, there’s also a hand brake for quick stops that is more often used while running!
  • Swivel Locking Front Wheel: At the push of a button, you can lock the front wheel to go on your run. There’s a visual indicator that confirms the mode and the adjustable tracker allows wheel alignment fine-tuning. You want to lock your front wheel for stability when you run, but then you can release it to swivel when you’re navigating shops, cafes and your day to day life!
  • Padded Reclinable Seat: The deep and padded seat keeps the child comfy and safe. With a simple recline they can go from sightseeing to snooze in a jiff. Keep in mind baby should sit up and should not be reclined during runs. 
  • 4 Position Handlebar: The handlebar can swivel to give you the most comfortable push. There’s also a wrist strap for when you’re jogging!
  • Extendable Zip Out Canopy: When taking a spin around the city, baby will be in shaded comfort thanks to the zip out canopy. You can peek in on your passenger through the top viewing window or leave the flap open for better airflow. There's even a convenient zipped pocket for for phone, wallet, keys or other essentials. 
  • One Handed Fold: As we said, folded, it’s a bit bigger than the Cruz, as its wheels are much bigger to accommodate jogging and off-roading. However, the fold is a snap!

UppaBaby Ridge Jogging Stroller vs. Vista, Cruz, and Minu

We think the Ridge Jogging Stroller by UppaBaby is pretty great, as it gives you more from Day 1. You can use it with the Bassinet accessory or the car seat adapter when the baby is littlest. Those first strolls will be super smooth thanks to the amazing suspension this stroller has. 

Once they’re bigger, you can use it for running as well as your day-to-day. It’s a perfect jogger because it has all the features you need for a great running stroller, yet is not limiting as some runners are. 

Compared to the UppaBaby Vista: The Vista is still going to be the better choice if you are looking at family planning as a priority. The Vista is the only of the UppaBaby full-size strollers that can accommodate two children seated (and three with the piggy back board).

Compared to the UppaBaby Cruz: The Cruz is the better choice if your concern is weight. If you want something smaller that’s easier to carry up and down stairs, stick with the Cruz. [If you're choosing between the UppaBaby Vista vs UppaBaby Cruz, read our blog post!]

Compared to the UppaBaby Minu: If smaller is your priority, than ditto what we said about the Cruz. The same goes for the Minu. The Minu is even more compact than the Cruz. 

The Ridge’s Sweet Spot: If you’re a family that’s active and outdoorsy or athletic, the Ridge may be the best primary to check several boxes for you. You’ll probably get a lightweight stroller for travel but the Ridge can be both your primary and your jogger. 

You’ll go the distance with this sturdy and well thought out ride in true UppaBaby style.

Ready To Run

Ready to take the Ridge for a spin? Stop by Babesta and check it out. We have all of our strollers on hand to test drive so that you can pick out the right one for you. Face the Ridge off against the Vista, Cruz and Minu on the streets of Tribeca. 

Planning to register for your stroller? Once you’ve made your choice, you can add it to your Babesta Registry. If you have a BabyList registry already going, just link us up. For all of our registrants, we “hold it til you need it” and put the stroller together for you. We’ll even train you on it!

Whether you’re picking your primary stroller, or your lightweight stroller, your nursery furniture or your gear like travel cribs, bassinets and more, come to Babesta where the service is warm, friendly and knowledgeable and the services can't be beat. Same price—more service. We’ll never let you lose your cool!

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