What's the difference? UppaBaby Vista V2+ vs. V2 Rumble Seat

Wondering about the UppaBaby Vista V2+ vs. V2 Rumble Seat? You're not alone. When a new version of a tried and true product is launched, we are always met with questions.

In case you have an UppaBaby Vista Stroller (join the club NYC parents!) you might have heard about the new V2+ Rumbleseat.

This is nothing to concern yourself about when you're using the stroller in single mode, but when you expand to a double you'll want to know this!

That's because when you switch to two, you're going to want to be able to give yourself a lot of options for configuration. This has historically meant a bunch of adapters -- for the bassinet, for the Rumbleseat, for the car seat. It can be mindboggling! 

But no more! the V2+ solves most of the confusion. Read on for our answer to what's the big diff between the UppaBaby Vista V2+ vs. V2 Rumble Seat. 

Max weight

The first difference between the UppaBaby Vista V2+ vs. V2 Rumble Seat is the maximum weight. The V2+ allows for a 40 lb child to ride in the seat. The V2 only allows a 33 lb child. This means that at the end of the day, the V2+ can be used for a longer time. 


The next difference has to do with versatility of the included adapters. The V2+ adapters will work with the UppaBaby Bassinet, Rumbleseat and UppaBaby car seats (Mesa Max and Aria) in the lower position, simplifying the expansion for two kids.

This makes it less confusing than the V2 which required an additional Lower Adapter in order to attach the Bassinet to the lower position. 


The new V2+ Rumbleseat features a height adjustable canopy and a new multi-position adjustable footrest that the V2 does not have.


Another difference between UppaBaby Vista V2+ vs. V2 Rumble Seat is the price. For obvious reasons the V2+ is a bit more expensive. The V2+ is $249.99, while the V2 is $219.99. 

The TLDR is that the UppaBaby Vista V2+ vs. V2 Rumble Seat will both fit the bill for expansion, but the new version is a step up in convenience and length of use. Happy strolling!

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