Desk For Success: Choosing The Perfect Desk For A Child

Child sitting at Oeuf Brooklyn Desk

Now that we’re fully in back-to-school season, it’s time to think of, if you haven’t already, a great study space for your children. When they’re little a playtable will do, but by the time homework comes rolling in, you’ll want them at a proper desk for a child. 

There’s a lot to be said about establishing good study routines for children and it’s best to start early. When there is a task to do, getting them used to doing it in a consistent space can do wonders for their concentration. 

Think sleep training, but for older kids! In this article, we’ll tell you what to look for in a desk for a child and give you some great options for your space. Ready to nerd out on desks? Let’s go!

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Perfect Desk For A Child: What To Look For

DucDuc Studio Duc Juno desk

Finding the best desk for a child means finding a desk that’s the right size with enough surface area to get their work done. For smaller children, this can be just a playtable, as this might be sized a bit better for them. 

For bigger kids, you want to look for a desk that fits the aesthetic of the other furniture, has a good amount of work space, and drawers for pens, pencils, notebooks and other supplies. It’s always nice to be able to clean the surface at the end of a study sesh. 

Some desks also do double duty as shelving, by including a hutch over top. This can be a good option for those of us city people for whom space is an issue!

A quick word about chairs. It’s always best that you pair a chair with your desk that is conducive for sitting for extended periods. Make sure the chair has a back, and that it doesn’t invite them to sit “too relaxed” and not in work-mode. Pro-Tip: Some high chairs can convert into desk chairs when the child gets old enough. This includes the Tripp Trapp, the Bugaboo Giraffe and more!

Ready to find the perfect desk for your child? Keep reading to find out some of our favorites!

Our Fave Desks For A Child

If you’re in the market for a desk for a child, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorites that match style, sensibility and sustainability! 

Brooklyn Desk by Oeuf NYC

Brooklyn Desk by Oeuf NYC

The Brooklyn Desk by Oeuf NYC is one of our favorite desks for kids. This desk actually grows with your child, offering three different desk heights (24.5”, 27” and 29.5”). The desk also features mobile storage boxes. With all of that adjustability it is the perfect desk for your family, whether they be kids or adults!  The Brooklyn Desk is sustainably produced in Europe and uses non toxic finishes. $685

Austin Desk by DucDuc NYC

Austin Desk with Hutch by DucDuc Studio

The Austin Desk by DucDuc NYC provides a nice spacious surface for all of their school projects. It also features well-sized soft-close drawers to stash everything “from homework to hotwheels.” The Austin is sold as is, or alternatively with a hutch, providing you loads more storage! It’s gorgeous both ways. The Austin Desk is made of non-toxic water based low VOC finishes just north of the city, in Litchfield County, CT.  $1525+, with hutch $2025+

Indi Art Desk by Studio Duc

Indi art desk by Studio Duc

If they’re an artsy type, the Indi Art Desk by Studio Duc is a great solution for a desk for a child. There are tons of compartments for pens and markers, brushes and paints. This desks comes in several colors and there’s also an optional seat! $425 (no seat) $595 (with seat).

The Indi also comes as a Doublewide. $675

Cabana Desk by DucDuc NYC

Cerused Oak Cabana Desk by DucDuc NYC

The Cabana Desk by DucDuc NYC is simple yet super stylish. It features luxe specialty pulls on the soft-close drawers, offering oodles of space for their papers. This is definitely a stunner in a child or adult’s room. In white maple $1525+; in cerused oak $2025+.

Knox Desk by Studio Duc

Knox Desk by Studio Duc

This desk is mid-century simplicity at its best. We love the Knox Desk by Studio Duc for its cool style, soft close drawers for putting things away and large surface area. It’s the perfect desk for homework-time! Made of TSCA Title VI compliant wood. $595.

Knox Doublewide Desk by Studio Duc

There’s also a bigger option – the Knox Desk Doublewide with a similar style for even more space, including 4 deeper drawers! $845.

Juno Desk by Studio Duc

Juno desk by studio duc

The Juno Desk by Studio Duc is a modern choice with clean lines and natural finishes. Offered in a range of colors, this can definitely make a style statement. The desk features lots of desktop space, as well as three soft close drawers for all their homework and supplies! There’s also an optional chair to go with! Desk $595. Chair $195.

Campaign Desk by DucDuc NYC

Campaign Desk by DucDuc NYC

What a lovely space to study! The DucDuc NYC Campaign Desk features striking criss cross legs and three ample drawers for everything from calculators to candy. In white maple $1525+; in cerused oak $2025.

Desk For Success

Studio Duc Juno Desk

If you’re looking for the best desk for a child, you now have some amazing options to choose from. Whether you go for the adjustable Oeuf Brooklyn Desk or one of the dazzlers from DucDuc NYC (or their sister label Studio Duc), you’ll have a great spot for studying and all the homework the new school year has in store for your little scholar. 

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Happy School Year All! We’re sure you and your child will rock it!