Hands Free Hooray: The Best Infant Carrier 2024

Woman carrying baby with best infant carrier

Want to go hands-free with baby? Using a carrier is a nice way to get around, especially in the house or in tight spaces (think narrow lanes in a bodega, or your local coffee shop). If you need to find the best infant carrier 2024 for you, we can help!

In this article we’ll walk you through what you can expect from your carrier, what you should be looking for, and how to choose the perfect one for you!

What Is An Infant Carrier?

An infant carrier is just what it sounds like: it’s baby gear that helps you safely carry your little one on your chest, hip or back. Infant carriers can come in many forms: there are wraps and slings, structured carriers, and hybrids. There are even some that are essentially a belt with a seat. 

Infant carriers join strollers and car seats as the third prong of the whole mobility space offering hands-free baby & me time.

What To Think About When Choosing Your Infant Carrier

Some people want to purchase one carrier, and be done with it. They want one to do it all. Others want to be sure they’re covered in the beginning, and choose something simple. They will get another one a year or so in, once they’re sure they want to continue babywearing. 

When looking for the best infant carrier 2024 for you, here are a few things to consider:

Who Will Be Carrying

Man front carrying baby with best infant carrier 2024

When shopping for a carrier, you want to first think who will be doing the carrying. Will you be doing it? Your partner? A caregiver? If the carrier will be shared, be sure to look to the adjustability so that it can fit all wearers comfortably. 

The best thing to do is to allow all wearers to try it on before committing to it. Some carriers offer waist belt extenders if needed. 

Age And Weight Of The Baby

You also want to think about how old the baby is, or if they’re a newborn, how long you plan on carrying them. Different carriers are better for different stages of development. Check the age/weight range for any of the carriers you’re considering.

Some carriers are only made for the littlest babies. This means that they’ve been specially designed for them and they won’t require too much in terms of adjustments. These often offer a smaller range of carry positions, but are simple and compact. 

However, there are also more versatile carriers that can work for both little and bigger kids (some from 7lbs to 45lbs). You can imagine you’ll have to make some adjustments to make it safe and snug for that wide of a range of sizes.  

These highly versatile carriers also tend to be bigger and not as compact. 

Ergonomic Design

This is the most important thing to look for: ergonomic design. You want a carrier that will be comfortable for both you and your little one. When it comes to you — look to the waist belt (it should be thick, and may feature a back panel) and the straps. 

Padded straps will prevent the material from cutting into your shoulders. The back panel and a thick belt will distribute the baby’s weight more evenly meaning less stress on your back. This is particularly important the more weight you are planning to carry. 

For the baby, you want a carrier that will be supportive. When in a carrier, a baby should be in the “M” or Frog Leg position, where their bottom is lower than their knees and the hips spread open. The fabric of the carrier should support baby’s legs up to the knees. 

The Frog Leg position will support healthy hip and spine development.  Look for a thumbs up from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute or other such organization. 

You'll also want to see how the carrier supports baby's head when baby's inward facing and does not yet have head and neck control.

Carry Positions Available

Woman enjoying a bonding moment with best infant carrier 2024

Different carriers will allow for carrying baby in different positions including the front carry (facing you), the front carry (facing out), the hip carry and the back carry. Whereas some carriers do all of these, others only can be used in certain of these positions. 

For the littlest babies, you’ll want your carrier to support the front carry facing you. This will be the most supportive, safe and comfortable for your little one. Only when they gain head and neck control can they start to face out. 

The hip carry can be convenient, but keep in mind because it puts the weight on you asymmetrically, it’s not suggested for long periods. The back carry nice as well  — like an assisted piggy back — for bigger kids.  

Washing Instructions

Another thing to look at is how the carrier is washed. Is it spot cleaned or can it go in the washing machine? Your little one is bound to drool every now and then, or try to gnaw on the straps. 

Some carriers even foresee this inevitability and offer bibs or teething elements to support them during this stage. 

Size Of Carrier Itself

Of course, many people bring their carrier around in their diaper bag or stroller basket, so the size of the gear is key. Generally carriers that accommodate only the littlest babies are the simplest and most compact.

You can just roll them up and stuff them in your bag & voila! 

Best Infant Carrier: Newborn

When they’re really little, the best options are often the simplest. Try a wrap or a carrier that’s built for the wee ones. Many families will intersperse carrying with strolling that first year.

Using a carrier can be nice for breastfeeding on the go as well. And, of course, being able to use your hands is very helpful full-stop!

Here are out picks for best infant carrier 2024 for newborns.

Dragonfly Wrap by LilleBaby

Woman carrying baby with front carrier wrap

The Dragonfly Wrap is an easy solution for hands free at home. Whereas some wraps are hard to figure out, this one goes on like a tshirt, and then is adjusted for a comfortable fit.

A second piece of fabric is wrapped around your waist for extra support. It’s made of Supima Cotton and Modal, meaning it’s super comfy and breathable. 

The Dragonfly can be used for babies from 8-30lbs and is machine washable. There are two possible positions with this carrier: Fetal carry, and Classic carry Inward facing. 

The Stats:

  • Min/Max Weight: 8-30lbs
  • Machine Washable
  • Two Positions: Fetal Carry and Classic Carry Inward
  • Ergonomic fit for even weight distribution, back support (quilted back panel)
  • Supports natural sitting position
  • Rated hip-healthy by Hip Dysplasia Institute 
  • One size fits most 00-24
  • Sash 90.62"L x 16.15"H x 0.04" D
  • Inner 171.78"L x 10.64"H x 0.04" D

Baby Bjorn Mini

Woman enjoying some bonding time with her baby

The Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier is a super-easy solution for hands-free fun and bonding. We love the simplicity of this carrier - just put it over your head and open the side snaps to put baby in and out. It packs down very small so is easy to tote around in your diaper bag or stroller. 

The Baby Bjorn Mini allows for front inward facing and outward facing carrying, accommodating babies up to 12 months. (Note if you want a carrier to use longer, try the Baby Bjorn Free which can be used up to 18 months!)

The Stats:

  • For babies 7-24lbs (approximately 0-12 months) and/or height 21-30  inches
  • Ergonomic and adjustable head support
  • Two Carrying Positions: Inside Front Carry and Outside Front Carry
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 fabrics
  • Machine Washable
  • Bib for baby carrier sold separately

Best Infant Carrier: Grow-With-Me

We've also chosen a few of the best infant carriers 2024 suitable for a growing child. 

Baby Bjorn One/Air

Man front carrying his baby with best infant carrier 2024

The Baby Bjorn One/One Air is a very versatile choice for babywearing. Use it from birth up until your little one is no longer little - 33 lbs.  Enjoy four different carrying positions: newborn, facing in, facing out and on your back.  

We love how baby sits in a pouch with this carrier, as well as its adjustable head support so you know they’re safe and comfy. In fact, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the baby carrier as hip healthy, giving the correct support to your little one’s hips. 

The One features a sturdy waistbelt and padded shoulders for easy comfort for you as well. 

The Stats:

  • For 0-3 years; 8-33lbs, 21-39 inches
  • Padded ergonomic shoulder straps and waistbelt
  • Four carrying positions: Newborn, inward front carry, outward front carry, back carry
  • OEKO-TEX fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • Available in cotton fabric (One) or mesh (One Air)

Baby Bjorn Harmony

Man carrying baby with Baby Bjorn Harmony

The Harmony Carrier by Baby Bjorn is another super versatile carrier, featuring four different carrying positions. The breathable mesh fabric makes it comfortable during the warmer months and helps baby thermoregulate. 

This is a good choice for someone who wants an extended carrying time, as it accommodates babies 7-40lbs. For the babywearer, this carrier is super-comfy thanks to its padded shoulders and waistbelt with lumbar support. 

Like with the One/One Air, baby is placed in a pouch, making this a no-fail choice for any nervous first-timers. 

The Stats:

  • For 0-3 years; 7-40lbs, 21-39 inches
  • Padded ergonomic shoulder straps and waistbelt
  • Four carrying positions: Newborn, inward front carry, outward front carry, back carry
  • OEKO-TEX fabrics
  • Pressure relieving waist belt
  • Machine washable
  • Hip-Healthy by International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Breathable mesh fabric

LilleBaby Complete 6-in-1

Woman enjoying a walk on the beach with her baby

The ergonomic LilleBaby Complete 6-in-1 Carrier is a great option that can do it all. At the beginning, you’ll fold the carrier inward to make a narrower seat that’s newborn ready. Then, as they grow, you can expand it, always keeping the right seat position. It’s rated hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

This carrier supports: Fetal carry, Inward facing carry (babies), Inward facing carry (toddlers), Front facing carry (6 months and up), Hip carry, Back carry. It’s also machine washable so easy to maintain. 

There’s even a mesh panel so that if it’s hot, baby can get some nice airflow. This is perfect for babies from 7 to 45 lbs. For the babywearing adult, this carrier is comfortable and supportive, thanks to the plush padded shoulders and waist belt.

The Stats: 

  • Min/Max Weight: 7-45lbs
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable material
  • Six Positions: Fetal Carry, Classic Carry Inward (baby); Inward Facing Carry (Toddler), Front Facing Carry, Hip Carry, Back Carry
  • Dense, plush padding on shoulders and waistbelt
  • Wide waist belt and structured lumbar support
  • One handed magnetic back clip
  • Storage tote for travel
  • Front pocket
  • Supports natural sitting position (M-position) and widens as child grows
  • Good for both infants and taller children thanks to 3 position head support
  • Padded leg openings
  • Positioning pillow included for newborn fetal carrying position.
  • Rated hip-healthy by Hip Dysplasia Institute 
  • Waistband extends to 52 inches (woman’s 22-24). Waistband extender can be purchased separately to extend by 9.5 inches.

Best Infant Carrier: Toddlers

Carriers aren’t only for the littlest babies. You might need an easy fix for when they’re a bit bigger. 

You know how it goes. Those little arms shoot up and those big eyes blink slowly at you. There’s no way they’d like to travel more than in mom or dad’s arms. But they’re heavy. You’re exhausted. What seems like an easy fix quickly becomes a habit your back won’t appreciate. 

We have two carriers suitable for toddlers that come to mind that we think are pretty easy for this purpose. 


Woman embracing her little one who's sitting on the Tushbaby

First, the Tushbaby. Yes, this hip carrier can be used for littles, but we also love it for toddlers. This creates a platform around your waist, where baby can sit. Sling an arm around them and voila. It’s a temporary solution for walking around your house, the neighborhood, and into a store. 

The Tushbaby can be used for children up to 36 months or 45lbs, and features four carry positions, five storage pockets and a hidden bottle holder. It’s also stain resistant and machine washable, so it’s easy to maintain. 

The Stats:

  • Suitable for 0-36 months, up to 45lbs
  • Fits 23-44 inch waist. Can add up to 23” with Waistband Extender
  • Four carry positions
  • Five storage pockets
  • Stain resistant and machine washable
  • Weighs under 1 lb

LilleBaby CarryOn Airflow

Man back carrying his baby with the LilleBaby carry on

Another great pick for this time is the LilleBaby CarryOn Airflow. This is super-simple, lightweight and portable so you can scoop them up “to go” without breaking your back. The Carry On allows for a hands free piggyback ride, making it easy to navigate where strollers cannot go.

The CarryOn is taller, has a wider seat and padded leg openings to support your growing little one. It’s also breathable so that you and your little one are comfy and cool. The CarryOn can support toddlers from 25 to 60 lbs.

The CarryOn is easy to maintain, as it’s also machine washable! LilleBaby’s babywearing educator also notes that it is a good solution for little ones who have mobility issues or experience sensory overload in certain environments. 

The Stats: 

  • Min/Max Weight: 25-60lbs - perfect for kids 2T pant length and up
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable material
  • Three Positions: Inward Facing Carry (Toddler), Hip Carry, Back Carry
  • Dense, plush padding on shoulders and waistbelt
  • Wide waist belt and structured lumbar support
  • Front pocket for essentials
  • Airflow mesh
  • Removable sun hood
  • Padded leg openings
  • Tall carrier body
  • Wide seat preventing dangling legs and weight on pressure points.
  • Rated hip-healthy by Hip Dysplasia Institute 
  • Waistband extends to 52 inches (woman’s 22-24). Waistband extender can be purchased separately to extend by 9.5 inches.

Let Them Get Carried Away!

Now that you know some of the best infant carriers 2024, it might be time to pop over to Babesta and try some on. It’s always best to test if you can and gain comfort with carrying by practicing with our Babesta baby! 

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