First Trip With Baby? Don't Forget These Essentials!

Family traveling with baby

You've been stuck in the house for too long and are ready to get out, get some sun, see family, or just get a change of scenery. If you're about to embark on your first trip with baby, it's a good idea to be prepared.

Traveling with a baby is a little more challenging than traveling on your own, but it's not so bad if you've got the right gear. 

Babesta's put together our favorites that will make your trip easier, so you can focus on making memories with your fam!

First Trip With Baby Must: Travel Stroller

Baby travelling in his stroller

The first thing you're going to need when taking your first trip with baby is your lightweight travel stroller. You probably picked a great primary stroller with big wheels and great suspension and lots of storage for stuff.

But that is not the one you want to bring on your big adventure. 

Why not, you ask? Well first of all it will be cumbersome. It's big. And heavy. Sure, it folds and can go along with you --- but it won't be your simplest, easiest or cheapest option.

You'll need to check it, and for that, in order to keep it safe, you'll need to get the accompanying travel bag or else you risk breakage. There's nothing worse than getting to your destination to find the airline either broke or lost your stroller.

This is why we suggest you get a travel stroller --- one that will be both (1) sized to fit in the overhead compartment and (2) compatible with your car seat. Here are some travel strollers and car seats that will be perfect for your first trip with baby. 

Joolz :

Joolz stroller with bassinet perfect for traveling with baby

The Joolz Aer + Stroller is lightweight and sleek, folding up compactly enough to fit in the overhead of most every carrier. It can be used with Maxi-Cosi compatible car seats such as the Liing, Liingo, and more.

There is even a bassinet that can be folded with it (not quite as small - we'd suggest packing the bassinet and traveling on the plane with your car seat and stroller.

When you get to your destination, you have the option of a lie-flat bassinet (relevant for travelers under 6 months) as well as the car seat. If they're over 6 months, then you can skip the bassinet. 

The Joolz makes traveling with baby a snap.

Yoyo :

Yoyo stroller in the bassinet position

The Yoyo Stroller, made by BabyZen but now acquired by Stokke, is the OG when it comes to travel-ready strollers.

This folds super small and you can even get a foldable soft lie-flat bassinet (buy it with the 0+ newborn set) that will allow you to fold the stroller with the lie-flat option. Pretty sweet! 

Butterfly :

Woman traveling with baby and her travel stroller

The Butterfly Stroller by Bugaboo is another great option. This one is a little heavier than the other two options, but it offers a generously sized underseat basket for convenience. 

It can only be used with car seat adapters for the littlest travelers (under 6 months) so it's not recommended for if you're going somewhere that will require extensive walking.

This is because it's not recommended to have baby in a car seat for over 2-3 hours at a time. Depending on the nature of your trip and the age of the baby, this may or may not matter to you!

First Trip With Baby  Must: Infant Car Seat

Wherever you're going, you will be sure to take a car, even if it's just from the airport to the hotel. This means you'll need an infant car seat.

The easiest set up, if they had their own seat on the plane is to have them sit in the carrier when flying. All of our seats are FAA approved, so they are fair game on the plane. You just have to make sure your car seat is compatible.

If instead you carry them in a front carrier, then you would have checked the infant car seat, and can get it at baggage claim, click it onto your frame and go!

Liing, Liingo:

Woman traveling with baby and her infant car seat

The Clek infant car seats are great and work with all of the lightweight strollers (as well as the Bugaboos, UppaBabys and more!).

It won't matter whether you Liing or Liingo, as you'll leave the base at home and install using the car seat method when using taxis and Ubers


Doona stroller folding into the car seat

Another attractive option for travel is the all-in-one Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller. This is super easy --just pop the wheels in and out depending on your needs.

The only hitch is the whole "baby should not be sitting up in car seat position for over 2-3 hours at a time" thing.

Depending on where you're going and how much walking around there is, you'll want to plan some optional positions for them (carrier and especially lie-flat: see travel crib below.)

Traveling With Baby: Front Carrier

Baby Bjorn Mini:

Woman carrying baby with her travel with baby carrier


We love the Baby Bjorn Mini for easy carrying when your little one is wee. This is the simplest solution for carrying, for babies 0-12 months. In our minds, keeping it easy is key when baby is small. The fabrics are super soft too!

Traveling with Baby: Sleeping Solutions

Remi Travel Crib by UppaBaby:

Woman loving travel with baby with her travel crib

The Remi Travel Crib  is excellent for an on-the-go sleep option as it has both a bassinet and bigger-kid level, and an integrated (sold separately) changing station to make it easy. This folds up relatively small and you can check it. 

Of course if your destination has a set up for baby, it will save you the transport, but recognize that not all hotels have great (safe, clean) solutions so it might be better to bring something along. 

On top of that, let's say that you're going to be poolside or at the beach. Theoretically, you can bring baby and put them in the travel crib and add the UPF 50+ sunshade.

They'll feel the breeze while they slumber in comfort in their Remi, in the optimal lie-flat position.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Traveling family setting up travel crib perfect for first trip with baby

Baby Bjorn also has a great travel crib option for your first trip with baby. This one is lighter and even more portable, folding into an oversized suitcase. However, the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib, unlike the Remi by UppaBaby, has to be built. 

If you've ever been camping and built a tent, it will be a breeze. The other thing to know is that there is no "bassinet" level. It is just the lower level which is at floor left (Remi is lofted up about 4 inches from the floor). 

But, as we said, it's the lightest and most portable when traveling with baby. 


Of course, while you're away, baby's gotta eat. We have suggestions for when baby is breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. 

Away Mates Travel Nursing Pillow:

Woman nursing while she travel with baby


New to the shop is the Away Mates Travel Nursing Pillow, a genius idea for feeding baby on the go. Who wants to lug around their big pillow? With all this stuff, it's nice to have a space saver.

When it's feeding time, just inflate the Away Travel Nursing Pillow (it takes one minute) and voila. It's soft and comfy for both baby and mom.

Grab one of your Loulou Lollipop Swaddles too for privacy -- the soft muslin material is nice and  breathable. 

Bottles by Comotomo:

Woman feeding baby with a bottle

If you're bottle feeding baby, pack a few Bottles by Comotomo, the favored bottle for babies because of its realistic nipple and easy flow. 

Traveling With Baby: Bathing On The Go

Stokke Flexibath:

Woman bathing baby with tub perfect for first trip with baby

When it comes to bathing, we love the Stokke Flexi Bath. This foldable tub makes bathtime a snap and it's not only portable for travel but for NYC apartments that don't have tons of space for storage. 

For your little ones, use the infant insert -- a little spoon that they sit in that comes with the bundle. 

Puj Flyte:

On your first trip with baby bathing them is a splash

Another option for the littlest babies is the Puj Flye travel bather. This gets placed in the sink for easy bathing. 

Traveling With Baby: Easy Play

When it comes to fun, it's all about interacting, talking to them, reading to them, singing with them. They are new at everything so it's all new and exciting. Here are a couple easy to pack items to bring along. 

Jellycat Tails Book

Jellycat Tails book makes perfect entertainment for first trip with baby

We adore the Jellycat Tails Books for your first trip with baby, as they are interactive with all of their tactile fuzzy and smooth tails and crinkle sounds.

Itzy Ritzy Toys

A spiral toy for first trip with baby

Itzy Ritzy has lots of activity toys that can hook onto the car seat handle or stroller so you'll always have them on hand while on the go, travelling with baby. 

First Trip With Baby: Adventure Awaits!

Ready for your first trip with baby? With these items packed and ready to go, you can head off to your dream destination with your little one in tow. If you have more questions about travel with baby, just come into Babesta

Our team at Babesta can help advise you based on your specific situation and come up with a great travel gear plan that will minimize stress while you're trying to enjoy a little family time away. 

At Babesta, we're all about not letting you lose your cool traveling with baby. We've got your back! 

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